Netizen Voices: Touring on Public Funds

As part of Xi Jinping’s efforts to clean up corruption in the party, new rules to stop officials from funding their extravagant lifestyles from the public coffers issued Last year. In November, netizen @guangzhui relayed a story from his hospital ward:

@guangzhui: A retired old man in my hospital ward has a son who is employed by the Public Security Bureau. Several days ago he was told that his son will be going on a business trip to Beijing. The purpose of his trip is to arrest a certain petitioner before the 18th National Party Congress commences. His younger brother applauded the trip as a good opportunity to tour Beijing on public funds—his brother can look for the petitioner in the Forbidden City and the at the Great Wall of China. Given the immense size of the capital, it’s not unusual to fail in locating a petitioner.


Translation by Cindy.

February 13, 2014, 2:20 PM
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