Badiucao (巴丢草): Red Anti-Smog Scarf Girl

’s latest drawing for CDT puts a Communist archetype—a Young Pioneer—in a modern setting, repurposing her red neck scarf as an anti-smog mask.

Anti-smog Red Scarf Tying Methods, by Badiucao for CDT:

雾霾天红领巾系法 拷贝

In recent weeks, cities in northern China have suffered from record-breaking smog levels, and several cities, including Tianjin and Beijing, have issued “red alerts” to warn citizens against going outside. Clever entrepreneurs have come up with creative ways to provide clean air to increasingly desperate customers. In Badiucao’s vision, a “red scarf girl” teaches others how to tie the traditional neck scarf to serve as an anti-pollution mask.

CDT is now selling merchandise featuring Badiucao’s work in our Zazzle store. See also a Q&A with Badiucao in which he discusses his artistic and personal influences, and his earlier cartoons for CDT.