Translation: “Regulations on Party Members’ Speech and Actions Outside of Work Hours”

Recently, screenshots of an internal Party directive outlining pilot regulations for central Party members’ behavior and speech outside of working hours circulated online. The document, issued by the Working Committee of the CCP Central Committee and National Agencies, demands that Party members from central and state agencies promote Xi Jinping’s ideological agenda while at work, and also throughout their private lives. The Party directive was leaked as photographs of a computer monitor, which don’t show the final few lines of the document. CDT has translated the screenshots:

Working Committee for the CCP Central Committee and National Agencies Document

Published by Central Working Committee (2020) #17

Notice Regarding the Issuance of “Several Regulations for the Political Speech and Activity of Central and State Agency Party Members Outside of Working Hours (Trial)”

Central and State Agencies, Various Department and Party Committees: 

The “Several Regulations for the Political Speech and Activity of Central and State Agency Party Members Outside of Work (Trial)” (hereafter abbreviated as “Regulations”) has now been printed and released to you. Please earnestly follow and implement [the regulations].

Central and national organs and Party organizations of all levels must strengthen their political resolve; earnestly implement comprehensive, strict control over principal Party responsibilities; integrate the study and implementation of the “Regulations” as important content for strengthening political organs’ ideological education; strengthen daily supervision and management; keep up to date on Party members’ political words and actions outside of working hours; catch potential issues early; and nip issues in the bud. Those who cause serious harm by violating the “Regulations” shall face severe repercussions according to laws and regulations. All Party members in all central and national organs, especially Party cadres, must strengthen political awareness; strengthen self-restraint; strictly abide by Party discipline and rules; take the lead in achieving the “two maintenances”; and always act as politically sensible, honest people.

Working Committee of the CCP Central Committee and National Agencies
May 20, 2020

Several Regulations for the Political Speech and Activity of Central and National Agency Party Members Outside of Working Hours (Trial)

(May 14, 2020: Reviewed and Approved via conference of the Working Committee of the CCP Central Committee and National Agencies

May 20, 2020: Issued by the Working Committee of the CCP Central Committee and National Agencies)

Central and national agencies are first and foremost political agencies, the first phalanx in charge of putting the “two maintenances” into practice. All Party members of central and national agencies must practice clear-cut politics, hold themselves to higher standards and stricter requirements in their adherence to Party standards and rules. In the same way, Party members must strengthen self-restraint outside of work hours, self-regulate political speech and activity, and conscientiously set a good example. In accordance with the Party constitution and relevant Party laws and regulations, we hereby institute the following rules.

  1. Maintain a baseline line in expression of opinion. Remain committed to ensuring that the political baseline is not touched and disciplinary red lines are not crossed. Practice extreme caution in words and actions in all situations outside of work. Always maintain political diligence and discipline as a matter of practice. Do not disseminate statements that violate Party theory, guidelines, and policies. Do not create or disseminate speech that smears the image of the Party and the country. Do not make statements that deviate from the “two maintenances.” Do not engage in any form of “low-class red” or “high-end black” [forms of nationalistic online content that is easily satirized and reflects badly on the Party]. Do not disseminate so-called “inside” information or gossip based on information you have access to through work. Do not engage in unauthorized interviews with the media, especially foreign media.
  2. Conduct online activity with great caution. Always remember: the internet is not a lawless domain, or a “safe enclave” in which Party discipline can be broken. The same standards and requirements must be applied to both online and offline activity. Resolutely fight against words and actions that violate, distort, or reject the Party’s political line. Do not publish, share, or like any speech, articles, images, audio/video, etc. that misrepresent Party or central government policy or undermine Party unity. Do not organize or participate in online forums, groups, live broadcasts, etc. that oppose basic Party theory, political line, or strategy. You are prohibited from the unauthorized browsing or accessing of illegal or reactionary websites. Do not create or spread political rumors or other false information on online platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, or other online forums and communities.
  3. Maintain consistent loyalty in thought and action. Be loyal, honest, and honorable towards the Party. Be honest, and consciously carry out the original mission [of the Party]. Always maintain the true character of being a public servant. Do not act differently in front of others and behind their backs, act one way in public and another way in private. Do not act in a high-profile, positive manner at work, only to engage in irresponsible gossip in private regarding the Party line, principles and policies and the Central Party decision-making and deployment. Do not be a double-crossing two-face. Do not violate social order and moral norms. Do not say “shocking” words, maintain an arrogant attitude, or seek special treatment and privileges. Do not ignore the demands of the masses on the grounds that you are encountering them outside of working hours. Do not pass the buck or damage the Party’s relations with the masses.
  4. Conduct activities according to the rules. Be resolute in political conviction, maintain political determination, increase political sharpness and perception. Do not participate in rallies, marches, demonstrations or other activities that oppose Party theory and political direction. Do not engage in feudalistic superstition, hold religious beliefs, participate in cults, or use such activities to oppose the Party line, principles, or policies. Do not listen to or watch reactionary foreign radio or television programs without permission, or carry or collect reactionary books, publications, audiovisual products, electronic reading materials, etc.
  5. Be principled in your social interactions. Adhere to a bottom line in how you conduct yourself as a person, wield your power, and make friends. Advocate clean, tidy relationships with comrades, proper and disciplined relations between superiors and subordinates, and clean political-business relations. Consciously purify the social circles and friend groups you keep. Do not form cliques with people on the basis of hometown, school alumni, classmates, or military friends, or on the basis of once having worked in the same system or work unit. Do not call each other brothers in private, exchange flattery and favors, or engage in small private social groups. Do not organize or participate in unauthorized fellowships, alumni associations, student associations, comrade associations, etc. Do not organize dinners, socials, etc. to “pay respects to the local boss,” “set up antennas,” [make connections with higher officials] or make use of your power in the interest of others or to form private interest groups.
  6. Practice strict management and education at home. Emphasize household educational style. Strictly supervise family members and those around you at work. Guide them to listen to the Party, follow the Party with conviction, cultivate good morals, observe discipline, abide by the law, and practice honesty in work endeavors. Do not neglect the education and management of relatives and those who work around you. Do not ignore their politics, ideology, work, life, and other conditions. Do not be indifferent to incorrect words or actions. Do not acquiesce to, cover up for, or indulge in any way relatives and those who work around you under the banner of the central and national agencies in instances in which they wish to use their relationship with you to seek special care or obtain special benefits.
  7. The Working Committee of the CCP Central Committee and National Agencies is responsible for interpreting these regulations. [These regulations go into effect] starting on the day of issuance… [Remainder of text obscured or absent]. [Chinese]

Translation by Little Bluegill.

See also CDT’s recent translation of a scathing critique of Xi Jinping’s heavy-handed rule of the Party and state from former Central Party School professor Cai Xia.


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