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China’s Water Diversion Plan Reaches the Brahmaputra

According to Stephen Chen from South China Morning Post, Chinese engineers are making plans to build an 1,000km tunnel, in order to divert water from the Tibet plateau to the Xinjiang desert. This tunnel, if successfully built, could become the world’s longest water tunnel. The impact reaches one of India’s largest rivers, the Brahmaputra: The proposed tunnel, which

November 3, 2017

Xinjiang a “Frontline Laboratory for Surveillance”

Under Party Chief Chen Quanguo, a hardliner who was credited for quelling a wave of unrest in Tibet, Xinjiang is emerging as a “perfect police state,” according to a Guardian report earlier this year. A heavy security presence, together with a host of innovative and repressive technologies, is steadily tightening Beijing’s control over the region, which since

October 20, 2017