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Chang Ping: Truths And Illusions About Self-Identity

From EastSouthWestNorth blog, translated by Roland Soong: The nationalist feelings that have been rising and falling in recent years reflect the anxiety of the Chinese people over their self-identity. Our anxiety is causing the whole world to be anxious about that anxiety. Are you Chinese? Why is that so? What is this question important? Why be so sensitive? How shall the Chinese

May 2, 2009

Baidu’s Internal Monitoring and Censorship Document Leaked (1) (Updated)

The first law of Chinese cyberpolitics is “Where there are River Crabs, there are Grass-Mud Horses (那里有河蟹,那里就有草泥马).” According to this “Law of the Grass-Mud Horse,” online censorship will always meet resistance. The latest hot item circulating in the Chinese blogosphere is a compressed folder leaked from a Baidu employee. It contains a set of working

April 30, 2009

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