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iZaobao: See You There, Inside or Outside the Great Firewall

iZaobao (Paper of Jujube Lovers) is a popular online publication, known for its witty news selection and humorous comments. Founded by Guangzhou-based blogger Peng Yi (彭毅) in 2006, it has produced over 600 issues and has over 440,000 subscribers. iZaobao was blocked in June, 2009 but its loyal readers still use circumvention tools to “Scale the Wall” and read their

January 2, 2010

Southern Metropolis Weekly: Top 10 Neologisms of 2009 (Part I)

From the Southern Metropolis Weekly, 2009-12-25, translated by CDT’s E. Shih: The “swine” flu that continues taking lives and the “kitty cat” hide-and-seek game of truth; the widely castigated law enforcement by “fishing”; the “snail-dwelling” tribe filled with indignation; the “deceptive horse” that lies to your face…It’s all a “five

January 2, 2010

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