Viral Content: Laozi Says it Everywhere

Viral Content is a new CDT series introducing terms coined and used by Chinese netizens during the 2019-2020 COVID-19 outbreak. These terms include both subversive critiques and nationalistic support of government policies....

Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon: Digital Disobedience

The following term comes from the Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon, a glossary of terms created by Chinese netizens and encountered in online political discussions. These are the words of China’s online “resistance discourse,” used to...

Dirty Business for China’s Internet Scrubbers

A recent Southern People Weekly article translated by CDT revealed the world of official espionage in China: officials bugging rivals to gather ammunition, and allies to assess their loyalty. A report at Caixin describes another...

Whistleblowing Retired Official Dies in Custody

A retired official in Hunan was cast into the Party’s notorious shuanggui disciplinary system in August after accusing his successor of embezzling public funds. A month later, Wang Zhongping was dead, and his family...

Alleged AP Hacking Could Discourage Whistleblowers

Suggestions that Associated Press offices were compromised by hackers in Operation Shady Rat have prompted fears that potentially vulnerable sources may be deterred from coming forward in future. From the South China Morning...

Jailed in Shanxi Whistling in the Dark

Wu Dongqiang, a county education director, was arrested after texting anonymous reports on his superior’s questionable ethics. Caixin reports on his story, and the politics of whistleblowing in China: Wu Dongqiang wanted...

Dark Days for China’s Whistleblowers

At a clean governance conference yesterday, Wen Jiabao emphasized the government’s stance against corruption. From Xinhua: Wen said any construction of new government buildings, training centers and government hotels were...

Three cadres from Jishan, Shanxi punished for reporting questionable activities by local county secretary – Southern Metropolis Daily

The Peering into the Interior blog has translated an article from Southern Metropolis Daily (original Chinese here) “which details how the government went about prosecuting with vigilance three mid-level party cadres who accused the local secretary of “losing the will of the people” after selling land for real estate development when it was was intended […]

Provincial Foreign Affairs Chief Dissolute, But Untouched – Li Xinde

Here comes Li Xinde’ another piece of sexy report (ÁåõÊñô), again about corruption of high officials. This time it’s a like a novel of how a local cadre get away with raping women colleagues and planting charges against one of his underling who advised on one of the women to report (‰∏æÊä•). Wang Hua (ÁéãÂçé), […]

Monologue of a Whistle-blower’s Letter, Part 1 – Jiang Huanwen

From Jiang Huanwen’s blog, translated by CDT: I am an stealth anti-corruption bomb composed of a pile of accurate figures and words. Don’t know in a manner since what century, what dynasty, what year, my owner named me “reporting letter” on the letterhead, outlining awe-inspiring numbers and words filled with explosiveness and spiciness. The characters […]

Whistle-blower, jailed, regrets – Southern Metropolitan Daily

From the Southern Metropolitan Daily via Yulun Jiandu (link), translated by CDT: Li Wenjuan, an employee with Anshan City‘s State Tax Bureau in Liaoning Province, discovered illegitimate tax collection dealings by her bureau, especially on taxes from large state- and provincial-owned enterprises. Every month, she learned from her work, the tax bureau would unilaterally exempt […]

Official Denounced for Posting Letter Alleging Corruption in Communist Party

Also from today’s Washington Post: “……The party functionary, a 52-year-old former farmer with a middle-school education, captured the national imagination with his complaints because most Chinese are all too aware of the official corruption that has accompanied the last 25 years of economic liberalization. The tale of a county-level party secretary recounting his struggles against […]

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