Chinese Bloggers Grapple With the Profit Motive – David Barboza

From the New York Times (link):

The actress and filmmaker Xu Jinglei, who won an award at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain for directing the movie “A Letter From an Unknown Woman,” also writes a popular blog.

Now, five months later, Ms. Xu, 31, is the country’s most popular blogger, and her runaway success has given rise to an online debate here about the economic value of and who should profit from them.

Ms. Xu’s blog has already received more than 11 million visitors. She now says companies have contacted her about placing advertisements on her blog.

But .com, the big Chinese Web portal that puts the blog online, says it has no plan to commercialize its celebrity blog spaces.

The discussion is one of the latest signs that blogs could eventually become a highly profitable way of musing rather than simply a lonely stage for online blathering.

See also “Celebrity Bloggers and Advertisements” from ESWN.

March 6, 2006 10:59 AM
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