The State Administration of Radio Film and Television Restricts Super Girl

From Xin Jing Bao (Beijing News), partial translation by CDT (the original Chinese version is here): The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the “Notice of Further Enforcing the Management of the Involvement, Sponsor or Broadcast of National or Inter-province (inter-city or inter-district) TV Contests of Radio or TV Organizations” on Mar. 15, which stipulates that: The national or inter-province (inter-city, inter-district) TV contests are not allowed to be broadcast on local TV stations; contestants must be over 18-years old, and TV contests involving minors must be subject to separate authorization; and the judges shall not embarrass or heckle the contestants with detailed questions. Technorati Tags: China, Super Girl Among the programs regulated by this Notice are two blockbuster TV shows, Super Girl and Dream of China. Hunan TV Station’s Super Girl and CCTV’s Dream of China both cooperate with local TV stations for the local contests. Ha Wen , the producer of Dream of China told our reporter that they will strictly make adjustments according to the department’s regulations, while Hunan Satellite TV, the producers of Super Girl, has not responded on this issue.

The Notice also outlines relevant regulations regarding the style of national or inter-province (inter-district or inter-city) TV contests, and explicitly points out the broadcasted programs must make an effort to avoid vulgar or gross styles, and must not cater to the minority viewers’ sensational or gross tastes.

The Notice discourages those programs. It stipulates that the contestant’s hair-style, jewelry, and attire should not be vulgar, and the national or inter-province (inter-city, inter-district) TV contests held by radio and TV organizations at different levels should issue no award. Here is Chinese blogger Chiu Yung’s comment on this news (translated by CDT):

Why can Super Girls not “Sing What I Want to Sing” (ÊÉ≥Âî±Â∞±Âî±)? Because ...
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