Jagger damns Chinese with faint praise for banning songs – Jonathan Watts

From the Guardian (link):

Mick Jagger heaped sarcastic praise on China’s censors yesterday as it emerged that another of the ’ songs has been banned ahead of their first concert in the world’s most populous country…

Speaking at a press conference on the eve of the gig, Jagger noted the irony in the authorities protection of this privileged audience, expected to be made up mainly of foreigners.

“This time we hoped there would be no censorship, but they have kept the same four and added another one,” he said. “I’m pleased the ministry of culture is doing so much to protect the morals of expatriate bankers and their girlfriends.”

See also “Rolling Stones: We feel like Marco Polo” from Xinhua.

April 7, 2006, 9:02 PM
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