Lu Jianhua Given a 20-Year Sentence? – Shanghaiist

From Shanghaiist Blog:

From the unreadable without a proxy BBC we find that , a scholar with the Chinese academy of social sciences (CASS) has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

The information has yet to be released widely in the media, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it got less play than the Ching Cheong case. Ching is the Hong Kong journalist that was arrested and found guilty of state subversion (leaking of state secrets) and then sentenced to five years for spying for Taiwan. It turns out that the Lu case is related to the Ching case because the two men were close associates of each other.

But first, who is Lu Jianhua? Born and educated in Shanghai, the 45 year old sociologist wrote some prominent books in the 1990s and was considered among a group of think-tank type intellectuals that were close to the top echelons of power, and President Hu in particular. Lately, much of his research focused on official corruption, where he pointed out what he thought the major problems and obstacles to fighting corruption were.[Full Text]

December 20, 2006 11:26 AM
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