Gao Zhisheng Whereabouts Unknown – RFA

From Radio Free Asia’s mandarin service, translated by CDT:

Lawyer activist (È´òÊô∫Êôü)’s mother-in-law returned to Urumqi (‰πåÈ≤ÅÊú®ÈΩê) and told the reporter that Gao was taken away by the state authorities 4-5 days before the New Year for “a talk” and his whereabouts is now unknown to the outside world.

The -representing lawyer was handed a three-year term for subversion but supposedly remains free for five years before serving that term. He returned home on Dec. 22, the day he was sentenced.

His mother-in-law, who had lived in his wife’s apartment for three months, returned to her home in Xinjiang but was tailed during the trip to the Beijing Railway Station. She told RFA that she saw plain-clothes agents following him at the railway station but was not sure whether the same people even made the 2-day train ride with her.

Beijing-based rights activist Hu Jia (ËÉ°‰Ω≥) told RFA that he learned from a witness that five vehicles took Gao away from his home and later two of these vehicles, Iveco mini-vans, returned to Gao’s home and a round of noise was heard from there.

Hu also learned from Gao’s relatives in Shandong that Gao was seen at his sister’s house in Shandong a few days ago. Beyond that, Gao’s whereabouts is still mystery. [Full Text in Chinese]

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January 4, 2007 9:09 AM
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