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Here comes a detailed break-down of a monthly salary slip for a utility worker in China. The mere number of categories is overwhelming, but is a common reality in many Chinese work units, or danwei. From a post in Xici’s Reporters Home, translated by CDT:

Date: Feb. 1, 2007 (salary for Jan. 2007):

Division Name: XXX
Employee Name: XXX
Employee ID: XXX
Position Title: XXX
Position Rank: 10
Salary Account: 5796658548250456
Salary Details:
  Position Salary (岗位工资): 2373.60
  Performance Salary (绩效工资): 2868.10
  Base Salary (基础工资): 600.00
  Auxiliary Salary (辅助工资): 0.00
  Extra Generation Bonus (超电量奖): 0.00
  Salary Supplement (工资补发): 0.00
  Overtime (加班费用): 0.00
  Other Extra (其他费用): -36.00
  Natural Gas Fee (煤气费): 60.00
  Toiletry Bonus (洗理补贴): 30.00
  Power Bill Bonus (电费补贴): 0.00
  Traffic Bonus (交通补贴): 100.00
  Only Child Bonus (独生子女贴): 0.00
  100-day Safety Bonus (百日安全奖): 0.00
  Medical Insurance (医疗保险): 36.00
  Additional annual retirement insurance payment (补充养老保险 企业年金): 73.00
  Housing Funds (住房公积金): 1453.00
  Retirement Insurance (养老保险): 581.36
  Taxable Base (纳税基数): 3925.34
  Income Tax (扣个人所得税): 684.79
  Tax Rate (税率) 0.20
  Subtotal (实发合计): 3167.55

Bonus Salary: (补贴工资)
„ÄÄ„ÄÄTelecom Supplement (ÈÄöËÆØË°•Ë¥¥): 0.00
  Food Supplement (伙食补贴): 0.00
Double Salary (双薪工资 )
  Base Salary (基本工资): 600.00
  Position Salary (岗位工资): 2373.60
  Taxable Base (纳税基数): 2973.60
  Income Tax (扣个人所得税): 0.00
  Tax Rate (税率): 0.00
  Subtotal (实发合计): 2973.60
  Bonuses (员工奖金)
  Bonus Items (奖金名称): Taxable Base (纳税基数) Income Tax (扣所得税) Actual Received (实发金额)
  Year-end Inspection Preparation Bonus (年终迎检嘉奖): 1000.00 0.00 1000.00
  Overall Performance Bonus (综合效益奖励金) 5000.00 0.00 5000.00
  Power Bills Collection Responsibility Bonus (电费回收岗位责任金奖): 0.00 0.00 0.00
  Power Bills Management Process Bonus (电费回收管理过程奖): 2000.00 0.00 2000.00
  Safety Risk Bonus (安全风险金奖): 3510.00 0.00 3510.00
  Safety Management Process Bonus (安全管理过程奖): 3060.61 0.00 3060.61
  Wire Wearing Inspection Bonus (线损考核奖): 2000.00 0.00 2000.00
  Current Month Grand Total (本月实发合计): 22711.76 (US$ 2,930)

[Full Text, in Chinese]

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