New Internet Phenomenon: Showing Salaries Online

More and more Chinese are putting the details of their salaries online. A Yi, an associate professor at Beijing University, posted a break-down of his monthly salary on his blog in September of last year. His post attracted more than 850,000 clicks in the first week, according to China News.

A Yi is neither the first nor the last to do this. In fact, people from government officials to ordinary residents are revealing their salaries on the Internet, although most of them are doing this anonymously. Chinese Internet users coined a lively term to describe this phenomenon: showing salaries (晒工资)., a popular Chinese portal, created a special page named “a complete collection of salaries in all sectors and industries (ÂÖ®ÂõΩÂêÑË°å‰∏öÂ∑•ËµÑ§ßÂÖ®).” According to the website, the most noticed salaries are from five sectors: education, petroleum and chemical, postal service, civil servants, and bank employees.

Below is the detail of an ordinary postal service employee’s salary (pre-tax, and without deducting insurance fee and housing provident fund ‰ΩèÊàøÂÖ¨ÁßØÈáë):

Monthly salary: 1,200 yuan

Monthly bonus: 900 – 1,000 yuan

Night shift bonus: 10 yuan for one shift

Meal stipend: 5 yuan a day

Click here for more salaries.

February 11, 2007 10:39 PM
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