Teachers baffled by “Post-90s” generation – Guan Xiaomeng

From China Daily:

When talking about his history teacher, Yang Yifei, a third-year senior high student put on an air of scorn. “He teaches only teaches what’s in the textbooks word for word,” Yang said.

The student, who is the top student in history at a well-known secondary school in Beijing continued claiming the teacher was not knowledgeable enough because he refused to answer ’ questions about a historical drama on television and Kung fu novels.

Yang’s opinions represent the generation born after the 1990s called “hou 90s”, who are brought up on “fast-food culture” and the Internet. The generation gap between teachers and students range from language to attitudes. [Full Text]

– Photo: Students have a class with their cell phones confiscated and laid on the teacher’s desk.

April 24, 2007 4:04 PM
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