Inequality in India and China: Is Globalization to Blame? – Pranab Bardhan

Display Ffximage Urlpicture Id 1077072839047 2004 02 20 21China Hay,0 “Internal forces, technological change and problematic policies spur growing inequality.” From YaleGlobal:

Economic inequality is on the rise around the world, and many analysts point their fingers at . Are they right?

Economic inequality has even hit Asia, a region long characterized by relatively low inequality. A report from the Asian Development Bank states that economic inequality now nears the levels of Latin America, a region long characterized by high inequality.

In particular, China, which two decades back was one of the most equal countries in the world, is now among the most unequal countries. Its Gini coefficient – a standard measure of inequality, with zero indicating no inequality and one extreme inequality – for income inequality has now surpassed that of the US. If current trends continue, China may soon reach that of high-inequality countries like Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Bear in mind, such measurements are based on household survey data – therefore most surely underestimate true inequality as there is often large and increasing non-response to surveys from richer households. [Full Text]

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October 20, 2007 8:29 AM
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