Lessons in Democracy and Modesty – Katrin Bennhold

From New York Times blog:

The world must be changing when on a World Economic Forum panel on geopolitics you have three Asians, two Europeans and just one American (even though that American was called Power — the Harvard professor Samantha Power).

Power, Ms. Power said, has been gradually leaking from West to East. A change in the White House next year (she is rooting for Barack Obama) may “incrementally restore” some of America’s legitimacy, but it won’t change that deeper structural shift, she said.

When the moderator next turned to the Chinese representative, Ambassador Wu Jianmin, President of the China Foreign Affairs University, challenging China to be a more responsible and democratic global citizen, the soft-spoken Mr. Wu suddenly had an edge in his voice. “You western countries, you decide the rules, you give the grades, you say ‘you have been a bad boy,'” he said. “You have taken such a habit.” [Full Text]

January 23, 2008 8:28 PM
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