First Time I Feel Ashamed to be Han, and Lucky to Not Be a Party Member

The following blog post was signed as written by “a student from the Central University of Nationalities“. Translated by CDT: I’ve wanted to write something for a while in the wake of the latest developments in Tibetan regions. But after seeing press reports by media outlets from home and abroad, I don’t know whom to believe in. I lost my judgment. I tried to start writing, but then couldn’t continue because my feelings are too complex. This afternoon, I talked to a colleague again about this issue and the conversation escalated into a fight. The colleague finally used a very “Chinese Communist” style to stop me from “venting angry words.” Faced with irrationality, I zipped my mouth. I’ve worked with a variety of people, but I didn’t imagine that there are people who have been brainwashed so much, and I started to realize this issue isn’t a small matter! The key is, a lot of Han and some ethnic Tibetans with vested interests have become blind to the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and water. Amidst the long history and mystical culture of Tibet, their brains are only thinking about how to commercialize these things. They don’t know that many aspects of the Tibetan way of life, religion and custom, culture and values are gradually being dismantled. Neither do they know that the dignity of Tibetans is shedding tears, and many Tibetans are struggling… Looking at Tibet, I sometimes feel ashamed to be a Han. Since first coming to Tibet in 2006 I often think about these issues: What on earth does Tibet need, how should it develop and who does it need to lead that development? I have no power to resist anything, nor do I have the intention to resist, after all our motherland is slowly making ...
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11 Responses to First Time I Feel Ashamed to be Han, and Lucky to Not Be a Party Member

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  2. yang says:

    This article proves true souls can see through any lies, your article really inspired me. I wish they are more chinese like you.

  3. leo says:

    stupid, only feeling without truth

  4. InAllFairness says:

    Stop using a fake Chinese identity and name to stir up trouble, You are worse than the communist propaganda machinery.

    Why do you think there is so much hatred and distrust of the two-faced white Westerners in all the developing nations of the world ???

  5. Tenzin says:

    This article was written by FOREIGNER and not Chinese. He say a Chinese man earn 800,000 yuan?

    Bullshit!! my boss is the VERY rich man in Shanghai and he only earn 10,000 yuan every month. I earn 8,000 yuan every month and I am in the upper class Chinese (Tibet ethnic).

    There is whores and beggars every place in China, not just Tibet. Come to Shanghai and see!

  6. tenzin says:

    thank you for giving me the real detail of whats going on in tibet. although i have been longing to go back to my home country, these politics has seperated me from my family. i wish there were more chinese like you.
    Save Tibet!!!!

  7. john says:

    my personal thanks to inallfairness, for exposing the white LIES of this author. So what if some Han and Hui had hurled deragatory remarks against Tibetans… when they saw pix and video footage of their compatriots being attacked and some MURDERED.

  8. Kangshi says:

    I agree with several points with the article that we should give the respect and caring to Tibetans and their culture. Our motherland is still developing and we all have the same dream. Never give up and always feel proud for our nationality. The people of whole world know we are willing to work extremely hard to achieve our goals, but let’s all show some of our personal kindness. Maybe we seem a little bit of meaning to foreign people, don’t you think so?

  9. sr says:

    Thanks Kangshi for posting on this article, I somehow missed it over the past months.
    It will truly pain me to go back to Tibet when the street signs are now in Chinese characters…and this is only the tip of the iceberg! Tibet must be free, or at the least truly autonomous!!!

  10. James says:

    Just because this was posted by Michael Zhao does not mean he wrote it. If you look at the top it says “The following blog post was signed as written by “a student from the Central University of Nationalities“. Translated by CDT:” Perhaps that’s why the English is very good? When something is translated and then posted, does it not make sense that the original author did not post it? I think it’s a great article, very objective, and does not push opinion, simply states what the person has experienced and encourages understanding of different cultures.