Blogger: How Many Officials Are Paid By Taxpayers?

From a Sina blogger calling himself “Charlie Chaplin”, translated by CDT’s Lucy Lin :

Chinese New Year has passed. Companies large and small will have to start paying taxes.

We need to support the government, the largest government system in the world.

We also need to support the Communist Party, the most autocratic dictatorial organization in the world.

We also need to support the National People’s Congress, the most incapable and pretentious representation of the people in the world.

We also need to support the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee, the most infamous political puppet in the world.

We need to support the Communist Youth League Committees, which include another set of bureaucracies.

We need to support those token “democratic parties,” and who knows how many people are in this group.

We also need to support all those “social associations,” and there are probably thousands of them out there.

We even need to support those so-called Buddhist monks and other religious institutions.

When someone comes up to you and puts on an act, bitterly and fervently expressing their opinions that “Everything belongs to the people, and everything is for the people,” can you believe them? The more suitable saying should be, “Power serves the needs of the ‘people’, and everything is for the needs of the ‘people.”

How much tax money is actually needed to support all these people and institutions until they are “serving the people”?

Here is another example. For a city of 2 million, how many government departments are there and how many work in them?

An excel sum-up shows that there are a total of 14,268 public servants. Please read : Who Taxpayers Pay For in XX City on CDT:

City Party Committee: 149

City Party Committee Department of Organization: 273

City Party Committee Information Office: 29

City Party Committee Department of United Front: 152

City Party Committee affiliated agencies: 184

City Party Committee Department of Politics and Law: 28

City Party Committee 610 Office: 10

City Party Committee Department of Discipline Inspection: 118

City Annals Compilation Committee: 76

City People’s Congress: 51

City People’s Political Consultative Congress: 35

City Intermediate Court: 183

City People’s Procuratorate: 166

City Branch of Workers’ Union: 56

City Branch of Chinese Communist Youth League: 55

City Branch of Women’s Federation: 27

City Association of Science and Technology: 12

City Association of Literature and Arts: 12

And How Many Agencies in a Small County Government? on CDT.


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