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A netizen by the name “1913” published a list of an unidentified city’s various government agencies (including tax-funded organizations) and the numbers of public servants in them. It triggered interesting comments, in which people did the math on the total number of public servants in this city (xx) and how much money this size of a government will spend, etc. An excel sum-up shows that there are a total of 14,268 public servants, one comment goes. Another estimates that the city pays 600 million yuan in salaries and another 300 million yuan in other expenses, while the local average income would be 1,350 yuan a month. Translated from bullog.cn:

Averages Joes don’t have an idea about the lineup of government agencies. Even those who have worked in one may only speak a few things about government. For a city of 2 million, how many government departments are there and how many work in them? Taxpayers should have the right to know this. Here is a list, incomplete and compiled:

City Party Committee: 149

City Party Committee Department of Organization: 273

City Party Committee Information Office: 29

City Party Committee Department of United Front: 152

City Party Committee affiliated agencies: 184

City Party Committee Department of Politics and Law: 28

City Party Committee 610 Office: 10

City Party Committee Department of Discipline Inspection: 118

City Annals Compilation Committee: 76

City People’s Congress: 51

City People’s Political Consultative Congress: 35

City Intermediate Court: 183

City People’s Procuratorate: 166

City Branch of Workers’ Union: 56

City Branch of Chinese Communist Youth League: 55

City Branch of Women’s Federation: 27

City Association of Science and Technology: 12

City Association of Literature and Arts: 12


City Government: 88

City Bureau of Legal Affairs: 12

City Office of Petitions: 22

City Meterological Bureau: 50

City Commission of Development and Reform: 50

City Bureau of Consumer Prices: 39

City Committee of Economics: 57

City Bureau of Finance: 168

City Office of Agricultural Development: 11


City Bureau of Audits: 34

City Bureau of Statistics: 47

City Bureau of Personnel: 74

City Office of Personnel Planning and Budgeting: 10

City Bureau of Labor and Social Security: 255

City Bureau of Civil Affairs: 191


City Bureau of Education: 62

City Govt-affiliated No. 1 Elementary School: 86

City Govt-affiliated No. 1 Elementary School: 77

City Govt-affiliated No. 1 Elementary School: 73

City Govt-affiliated No. 1 Elementary School: 70

No. 69 Middle School: 145

Dongfeng Middle School: 183

No. 79 Middle School: 84

Xiangge School: 150

City Bureau of Science and Technology: 34

City Bureau of Sports: 34

City Bureau of Culture: 319

City Bureau of Broadcasting: 328

City Bureau of Information Industry: 25

City Bureau of Healtht: 235

City Commission of Population and Family Planning: 25

City Office of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese: 22

City Bureau of Commerce: 38

City Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs: 12

City Bureau of Work Safety: 21

City Bureau of Traffic: 211

City Bureau of Public Security: 3090

City Bureau of Justice: 560

City Bureau of Land Resources: 227

City Bureau of Construction: 92

City Bureau of Real Estate: 87


City Bureau of Urban Planning: 117

City Bureau of Environmental Protection: 108

City Committee of Agriculture: 147


City Bureau of Water Resources: 46

City Bureau of Forestry: 40


City Urban Administration Enforcement: 390

City Bureau of Tourism: 17


City No. 2 Hospital: 602

City No. 3 Hospital: 352

City No. 4 Hospital: 780

City People’s Hospital: 806

City Chinese Medicine Hospital: 434

City Party School: 148

…… [Full list in Chinese]

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