Documentary: Arts in China – State of the Arts

In the first segment, this RTHK documentary investigates the popularity of Chinese , investment by the new in Chinese contemporary art, and how modern build their own style in their work instead of only copying Western . During an interview with well-known painter Zhang Xiaogang, he explains his feelings about the . He said the emergence of the is a double-edged sword that may either provide good opportunities to young artists or ruin others.

In the second part, it indicates that for foreigners who are really interested in China, especially Chinese culture, 798 Art Zone in Beijing is on the must-go list besides the Great Wall. Huang Rui, a famous artist, said in the interview that 798 has become an icon of Chinese contemporary art.

In the final part of the documentary, Li Xianting, who is considered “the godfather of Chinese contemporary art” and a well-known art critic, said Chinese art is trying to create its own identity and elements. In Songzhuang, Li met many unknown Chinese artists who persist in their dreams of making art while struggling to make a living. Many of them hope that paintings, as their spiritual satisfaction, may draw respect from others and also help them make a living.

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February 24, 2009, 5:42 PM
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