City Managers Along the River During Qing Ming Festival

A tweaked version of the painting “Along the River During Qing Ming Festival” has become the latest hot Internet hit. From Longhu Net, via Duowei:

“Along the River During Qing Ming Festival” is one of China’s ten most widely known paintings. Created by the Northern Song artist Zhang Zeduan, “Along the River” vividly portrays 12th century life in China. In subsequent generations, many artists would try to imitate Zhang’s painting by making copied versions.

Recently, E Gao’s piece, “City Managers Came Along the River During Qing Ming Festival,” has become a viral Internet hit. In the popular image, the netizen removed all the people from the street, leaving only the architecture and scenery, indicating that city managers (chengguan 城管) had arrived.





ChinaSMACK has also translated many users’ reactions to the piece. The following are a select few:


City managers and forced evictions have created the two worst aspects of this harmonious society!


Pretty creative, and if you think about it, it is true. If there were city managers at that time, how would “Along the River During Festival” have been painted?


Caption: 城管出马;无人能敌. The city managers have gone into action; no one is a match for them.]

For an interactive version of the original “Along the River During Qing Ming Festival,” see this CDT post.

April 14, 2009, 2:02 AM
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