Hu Xijin’s Microblog

From the ESWN blog:

Hu Xijin’s Microblog (2011/2/27) Hu Xijin is the chief editor of the Chinese newspaper . He recently opened a Weibo account under his real name Hu Xijin. He quickly got more than 13,000 followers.
2.25 11:24 How is everybody? I am starting a microblog.

2.25 14:37 I am Hu Xijin, chief editor of . I was in the army for 11 years. As a reporter, I covered the Serbian war and the Iraq war in the frontlines. I love my motherland. I know the hardship faced by this nation. As chief editor, I hope that can report the truth and not evade the sensitive issues. We want to use the sum total of all our reporting to show a complex world and an authentic, complex China.

2.25 19:01 I thank you for your support. I say hello to you. Having lived for fifty years over various periods and places in China, even many foreign places, I came to know this nation of ours through the expressions and feelings of others. Today I have come to “Weibo China.” I was just thinking about what an interesting extension of Chinese civilization this is.

2.26 00:11 I just finished work. I get off work every day around this time. I opened my new Weibo page and I saw that I had more than 5,000 followers in half a day. This was truly astounding to me. I saw many comments, most of which are critical of me. Frankly, I was less shocked about the latter than about the number of followers. Someone told me this morning that I must be more open-minded on Weibo or else I should not bother coming. I thank every one of my commentators.

2.26 00:13 I hope that Weibo can be a place for exchanging ideas and feelings.


Here is a sample of comments on Hu Xijin’s microblog

Someone like Hu Xijin deserves to be studied and analyzed thoroughly. The mindset and actions of such people should be set up as an exemplar. Just like there is a statue of Qin Gui kneeling before Yue Fei at West Lake, he should kneel before Zhang Zhixin and Li Zhao.
Your newspaper recently published some ultra-leftist bullshit. Therefore netizens are angry. The consequences are serious. I hope that you correct yourself in time.
So you want to report on a ‘complex’ China? Then why are you so simple-minded whenever you report on America? Do you know that America is actually quite ‘complex’?
It is because you spent 11 years in the furnace that you know the temperature inside. Therefore, it will be hard for you to tell the truth. You can only wish that you could tell the truth. If you tell the truth, you can’t be chief editor for long.
Do you feel bad about saying this kind of talk every day?
Your arse decides for your brain. I pity you.
The Chinese edition of produces a false picture of peace and stirs up nationalism. It creates the false impression of internal harmony and external crises in order to fool the people. The English edition sometimes shows the dark side of society and creates the false impression of editorial independence and watchdog journalism for foreigners. Whenever I feel depressed, I must thank your newspaper for restoring my confidence. When I read your newspaper, I realize why mentally handicapped children are happy.
People like you are not worthy to work in journalism. You have no sense of justice, you have no ideas and you have no soul. Chinese civilization is trampled by your newspapers. You are extending the Cultural Revolution.
In your eyes, China is the Party. There is no place for little fart people.
must be held accountable for the popular nationalism and depredation among Chinese middle school students.
You acquired so many followers already with just three blog posts. I thought that it was because you were popular. Then I saw that people were criticizing you. Your magic newspaper does not seem to be very popular.
Chief Editor Hu, you must feel bad after reading the comments? Do you know that the majority of the people in China are not so easily manipulated? Aren’t you anxious about what you do at your job every day?
You are just a cog in the corrupt machinery of the state. You will be drowned in the historical wave of freedom and democracy.


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