Zheng Yuanjie: Zheng Yuanjie is Psychologically Unstable

Zheng Yuanjie (郑渊洁; born 1955) is known as the Chinese King of Fairy Tales. He wrote the following on his blog during the ongoing NPC meetings in Beijing (Translated by CDT):

Zheng Yuanjie is psychologically unstable

I am sixty- five years old, I have a Beijing (household registration), I am a citizen of Beijing. I have a Record and National Registration Identity Card. However I have never had a Voter Registration Card.

Since China is holding the yearly National People’s Congress now, I have checked the “ of the People’s Republic of China.” There are only three types of people who are not eligible to have the Voter Registration Card:
1. Younger than eighteen years old
2. A convicted criminal who is deprived of political rights
3. Psychologically unstable person

I am neither 1 nor 2; so the only reason that I have never had a Voter Registration Card must be the third one.

Beijing came out with a policy this year that only outsiders who have paid taxes for five consecutive years are allowed to buy cars and houses. My question is, will outsiders who have paid taxes continuously for five years be eligible to stand in the election for deputy to the National People’s Congress?

Following is the cover of yesterday’s “Beijing Youth Weekly”. Indeed it looks like I am a psychologically unstable person who is not eligible for Voter Registration Card.

March 7, 2011, 11:35 AM
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