Fang Binxing Shoegate: Responses Within China

This photo shows one of the students who attended Fang Binxing’s now-notorious event yesterday at Wuhan University.  Dr. Fang, the President of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, is known as the Father of the Great Firewall, and was pelted with eggs and shoes by students protesting Internet censorship. Photo taken by @hanunyi, the student who threw an egg and two shoes at Dr. Fang; one shoe hit its target. The T-shirt the other student is wearing has a poem by Bei Dao: “I am no hero In an age without heroes I just want to be a man.” There have been tens of thousands of tweets and micro-blog posts cheering the “Shoe” event.
Here are some samples, translated by CDT: ●方滨兴,你妈喊你回家拾鞋! Fang Binxing, your mother is calling you to come back home to pick up your shoes! ●有人问方校到底干了什么让人如此愤恨?答:你们在互联网上不能干的事情,都是他这狗日的干的。 Someone asked what Principal Fang has actually done to deserve such resentment and anger? Answer: those things you cannot do on the Internet, all because of this SOB. ●方校长责问:讲座前就在推上讨论要砸我,你们没一点应对措施?校方:那网站我们打不开,不知道他们说了什么。 Principal Fang questioned [the host]: Before the lecture, there were already discussions on Twitter about the protest, why did not you take any precautionary measures? Wuhan University host: We could not open that website, so we did not know what they were talking about. ●世界只有两件事情可确定:一你我都会死,二方校长一定会被鞋子砸。 There two things certain in this world: 1. We will all die, 2. Principal Fang will be hit  by a shoe. * 方滨兴,你忘屏敝鞋了!‎ Fang Binxing, you have forgotten to block my shoe! ●方校长!下次砸中你的将会是高跟鞋!! Principal Fang, next time will be a high heel!! * “鸡蛋诚可贵,拖鞋价更高。若为滨兴故,二者皆可抛” ‘Egg is dear, shoes are dearer. Both can be given up for Binxing.’ [Reference to a poem by Petőfi Sándor, Hungarian poet and revolutionary: ““Life is dear,
love is dearer.
Both can be given up for freedom.”] ●据说新华网的编辑在发布方校长鞋门消息时口中一直在默念:让你丫封草榴、让你丫封色中色、让你丫封小小77…… It was said that when ...
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