Vatican Rejects China Unilateral Ordination

The Vatican has again rejected the ordination of a Chinese Bishop as illegitimate. From the Vancouver Sun:

Paul Lei Shiyin was ordained as bishop on June 29, in a move the Holy See said was divisive and looked set to dampen recently improved ties between the and China’s Communist Party.

“Rev. Lei Shiyin, ordained without the Papal mandate and hence illegitimately, has no authority to govern the diocesan Catholic community, and the Holy See does not recognize him,” a statement said.

“The effects of the sanction which he has incurred through violation of the . . . Code of Canon Law remain in place,” the Vatican added, referring to excommunication.

“An episcopal ordination without Papal mandate is directly opposed to the spiritual role of the Supreme Pontiff and damages the unity of the Church,” the statement said, adding it had “deeply saddened” Pope Benedict XVI.

Late last year, the Vatican similarly rejected another Chinese ordination.

July 4, 2011 9:21 PM
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