Why China’s Coolest Blogger Doesn’t Use Microblogs

Charles Custer notes a recent post by racing-driver-author-blogger Han Han explaining why he hasn’t taken to microblogs. Among other deterrents, he cites the very pace which attracts many users. From Penn Olson:

“Last week I was racing, and I didn’t have time to go online. On Monday, after the race was over, I opened up on the car ride home. I saw a friend of mine was writing about a tragedy that had happened a week ago. He said he’d been thinking carefully about it for seven or eight days, had read through relevant materials, and that he felt perhaps it was this way [i.e., he expressed his opinion on the tragedy]. His analysis made a lot of sense, and I really approved of it. Usually this friend has many people retweeting his posts, but this one only had a few dozen retweets, and one of the first comments was: “How are there people still talking about this, this event [the tragedy] is already old [outdated].”

November 22, 2011 2:13 AM
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