Weibo: To Locke’s Rescue (Correction)

Weibo: To Locke’s Rescue (Correction)

Correction: Yuanye8848 wrote that he would be a “post-doc” (博士后) before Qin grew up, not a doctor.

Ambassador Locke and Qin Feng in friendlier times.

U.S. Ambassador to China has recently taken the spotlight. But official and online attitudes toward him couldn’t be more different: on the one hand, netizens have jokingly referred to him as “Head of the Chinese Petitions and Appeals Department who takes an American imperialist salary.” [Chinese netizens have recently taken to calling the U.S. Embassy the “Office for Petitions and Appeals after both Chen Guangcheng and Wang Lijun sought refuge there.] But in editorials published last Friday in four major Beijing papers, he was denounced for his handling of the Chen Guangcheng incident. At the same time, Weibo’s search engine function blocked results for the combination of “Gary Locke + Petitions Office.”

The niece of former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, Hong Kong Satellite TV Chief Reporting Officer Qin Feng, wrote a scathing post on her registered Weibo account suggesting Locke be expelled from China. By the time Qin Feng deleted her own post, it had been resent more than 7,000 times and commented on nearly 5,000 times:

Gary Locke, that banana man, with his white heart. Is there still any doubt? I remember, last year before he came, the public had had such great hope for him. Look at his performance now! A foreign representative sets off infighting on someone else’s land (of course I know that the embassy is regarded as U.S. territory, but is he always at the embassy?). What kind of behavior is this? Are there any regulations for a situation like this, something like being able to expel foreign dignitaries that openly interfere with internal affairs?

The post was later deleted, probably by Qin herself. She gave an explanation for the vanished rant:

I started to curse without thinking and so learned the paranoia of many netizens. I said Locke treacherously interfered in our internal affairs, not anything else at all about him as an honest official, nor that we shouldn’t reflect on Chen Guangcheng’s journey to the government. In 140 characters I just wanted to have a little chat, and instead I was besieged from all sides.  You all really take Weibo too seriously and expect too much from me.  Summer’s nearly here and our internal heat is building. We must flush it out from the source. We’ll all feel relieved.

搞 不清楚就开骂,也让我认识到部分网友的偏执狂。我说骆家辉阴险干涉内政,并没有说他其他方面比如廉政做得不好,也没有说陈光诚事件一路走来政府不需要反 思。140字只找出一个点谈,就遭到围攻,各位真是太把微博当回事儿了,也大出我的意料。立夏了,火气大,从根源消除,让大家清爽舒心一点吧。

Below is a sample of how Qin was besieged. More comments from CDT Chinese. Translated by Deng Bolun.

Fuhedesai: There’s infighting? What kind of infighting? Who’s the leading character? Who does a blind man fight with? This is a good five times better than America’s clown.

dlensPhoto_329: I don’t understand how Locke instigated infighting in the Celestial Empire. A few hundred people spending heaps of the taxpayer’s silver to imprison a single blind man. Was this also instigated by Locke? Without a cause, where do the consequences arise?

YoungPrince: If he doesn’t try, then Obama won’t forgive him. If he doesn’t try, the American people won’t forgive Obama. This has nothing to do with ethnicity. This has to do with the values of the American people! Besides, Chen and Bo are different. It’s not infighting, it’s a violation of the law!

RicePlace: reply to  RadishCake: You’re a media person. In a situation in which you have no proof, you open your mouth irresponsibly and say that Locke instigated high-level infighting. Aren’t you just showing everyone your IQ? Even if Minister Li is your relative, don’t be so disgusting, alright?

WangXiaoyu: Qin Feng as Li Zhaoxing himself describes her: I held her when she was about half a year old, called her “Feng Feng.” In elementary school, when other students were going to the the zoo, she would follow her father to the museum to receive education. Every year during Spring Festival she would go to the Monument to the People’s Heroes with a bouquet of flowers. When she was studying in New Zealand, Vice Premier Qian Qizheng and other leaders praised her and her classmates for attacking “Taiwan separatists” and evil cult members.
王 晓渔:李肇星笔下的侄女秦枫:她大约半岁时我抱过,管她叫“枫枫”。上小学时,当别的孩子星期天去动物园玩的时候,她就常跟着父母到一些博物馆去 接受熏陶,逢年过节还会向人民英雄纪念碑献上一束小花。在新西兰留学时,她曾和同学一道抨击“台独”和邪教分子,受到钱其琛副总理等领导同志称赞。(《枫 声》)

distant201201: Then don’t let your cousin and Li Zhaoxing’s son Hehe Li study in the United States. Take the lead and return to China. Fix a few more roads for the common people. Make transportation a bit more convenient. Realize direct elections sooner rather than later. Thanks.

CannotResist: Let’s forcefully surround and watch former Minister of Foreign Affairs Li’s niece’s comment on driving out Ambassador Gary Locke…
忍俊不住: 强力围观李前外交部长侄女发帖咨询驱逐骆家辉大使。。。。。。

MsYiTongsYutong: When will people finally understand that not all Chinese are PRC Chinese? They grow up eating American bread and drinking American milk, so what would make them partial toward China?  It’s just us who grow up drinking melamine and and eating Sudan Red G, and still live on, who are real Chinese.

ronseattle: Qin, “instigate infighting in the country you’re stationed in”: who are the two so-called parties in this infighting? Are their strengths comparable? What will be the negative influences of this infighting on the people?

PretendingToBeInNewYork: This really is old Uncle Li Zhaoxing’s style. Brainless and heartless too.
假装在纽约: 很有其舅姥爷李肇星的风采。脑残心也残。

ZhangFachengsWeibo: Who’s anguish has Locke prodded? Ah, I see.

Orange_cn: Heh heh, you said it as if the blind man’s years of imprisonment and beatings in Linyi, Shandong were nothing. When the blind man escapes the fire pit and runs off to the U.S. Embassy, this becomes America’s intentional instigation of Chinese infighting! This kind of irrational argument is born from the same stuff as the Beijing Daily. Are the Chinese mouthpieces all like this?

SpiritsTrust: What do we call internal affairs? Is it closing the door to beat the wife to your heart’s content? When turning on the national machine that wantonly tramples human rights, never again is it internal affairs.
灵魂的信: 什么叫内政?是关起门来为所欲为的打媳妇?开动国家机器肆意践踏人权之时便不再是内政。

BrightMoonPrinceOfQin: At the bottom of their hearts, the common people are completely clear about what this is. What do you think you’re still hiding from us here? Public trust of the government has already become a burden.

SunChuanHsiang: Does “Banana Man” count as an insult? Miss.

Yuanye8848: I’m warning you little girl, quit this nonsense about abuse from violent netizens. If you want to talk about cultural standing, I’m far above you. I’ll be a post-doc when you’re still suckling at the tit!!!

DeepMoanInTheNest: Hi, I’m from the countryside, lived in the countryside for more than 20 years. Maybe you don’t understand the seriousness of how local officials violently enforce the law. In other words, if you or someone else have been passing your days in a democratic society, you wouldn’t last half a day in Mr. Chen’s environment. If Ambassador Locke hadn’t show up–think about it–where would Mr. Chen hide? Where else could he be taken care of? Or how would you hope Ambassador Locke handles it, Reporter Qin?
沉 吟小窝: 你好,我是从农村出来的,在农村生活了二十多年,可能您不了解基层机关暴力执法的严重性,换句话说,如果是您或者是其它身在民主社会生活过人,自在陈先生 在环境中可能半天也待不下去,如果没有骆大使出面,您想象一下,陈先生能躲在何处。何处能够收容与他,或者说秦记者能希望骆大使如何处理?

Unicorn_Silver: Internal affairs? What are internal affairs? What do the internal affairs of your second red generation have to do with us?
Unicorn_Silver :内政?什么是内政?你们红二代的内政关我们屁事?

Belconnen: “Locke treacherously interfered with internal affairs”? Chinese citizen blind Chen was forced nearly to death by the Chinese government and then requests help from America. America then responds with help. Is this what you mean by “interference with internal affairs”? If so, I represent myself in thanking America’s interference with the internal affairs. In China, there are too many people who are harmed by public power. I hope America comes everyday and interferes with our internal affairs!
Belconnen:“骆家辉阴险干涉内政”? 中国公民盲人陈被中国政府逼得快要死了,然后求助于美国,美国便出手相助。这就是你说的“干涉内政”? 如果是的话,我代表我个人感谢美国政府干涉中国内政。在中国受公权力迫害的人太多了,我希望美国天天都来干涉中国的内政!

Tonglifu: Why erase that comment? Ms. Qin?



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