One School’s Stability Maintenance Instructions

One School’s Stability Maintenance Instructions

The following document from an unnamed university (apparently located in Shaanxi Province) is available, uncensored, within the Great Firewall on Baidu Wenku:


Just now, Comrade Bailong led a study of the Notice of Maintaining Stability in Universities with Regards to Japan from the provincial committee of education, and Comrade Xiaoqing led a study of the Outline of Publicity regarding the Diaoyu Island disputes from the provincial committee of education. We must follow the spirit of these instructions from above; do our utmost and take the greatest care to practically execute ideological and political work among students and faculty; guide young students to express patriotism rationally; direct their energy towards study and work; and insure the stability of our school. I therefore provide the following instructions on stability maintenance with regards to Japan in our school:

1. University Office of Stability Maintenance

Take full charge of stability maintenance tasks with regards to Japan. Immediately start to work in accordance with the emergency plan and be prepared to handle complex situations. Adopt emergency measures. Make conscientious preparations for all types of response and be organized for possible critical conditions. We must quickly discover, diffuse and settle large-scale demonstrations and activities which seriously violate social order in which students are involved. Be prepared to take command at the first sight of an incident and act decisively in order to maintain control of the situation. Arrange staff on duty around the clock. Promptly report emergency and other relevant information to the provincial committee of education. Phone number: 029—88668814 88668815 (fax).

2. Department of Propaganda and United Front Work

Successfully execute Japan-related stability maintenance measures handed down from above and transmit the documents you have studied. Explain and publicize the Outline of Publicity regarding to Diaoyu Island disputes to the whole campus. Closely monitor changes in public opinion; promptly determine the tendency of student and faculty sentiment with regards to Japan; track and apprehend the trend of their ideology. Reinforce legal publicity. Educate the masses not to believe or spread rumors and not to attend demonstrations that have yet not been approved.

3. Office of Security

Enhance campus security with frequent patrols. Work with student management departments and student organizations at the departmental level to limit Japan-related protests on campus. At the same time, prevent outsiders from entering the campus to make contacts or incite activity.

4. Office of Student Affairs (Youth League Committee)

Convene meetings with counselors to successfully complete student ideological work. Take full advantage of the Youth League and student cadres to guide students and faculty to express their patriotic fervor rationally, lawfully and calmly. Closely monitor the trend of thoughts among students. Coordinate with the Office of Stability Maintenance to deal with relevant incidents.

5. Office of Education and Research

Launch positive online guidance and strengthen inspection of the campus network. Closely control contents online and in text messages which have a tendency to incite students to organize Japan-related demonstrations and large-scale gatherings. Promptly block and delete contents on campus networks which attack the Party and the government, incite or plan mass demonstrations or exhibit radical or violent behavior. Report these contents to the Office of Stability Maintenance immediately.

6. Schools and Departments Within the University

Convene meetings with class advisers to successfully complete student ideological work at the departmental level. Explain and publicize the Outline of Publicity regarding to Diaoyu Island disputes. Work in classrooms and dormitories to ensure student and faculty emotions are stable. Precisely apprehend the ideological trends among students and faculty. Should an unusual situation arise, deal with it promptly and report it to the Office of Stability Maintenance at the institute in which it occurred.

Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Mengyu Dong.

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