Censorship Vault: Blogging Black List and More

Censorship Vault: Blogging Black List and More

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media.

11 February 2007, 23:27:07

Concerning the fire that occurred in the Yeosu Foreigner Protection Center on Chonnam Island, South Korea

Concerning the fire that occurred in the Yeosu Foreigner Protection Center on Chonnam Island, South Korea, all websites are only to reprint Xinhua copy, close news trackers, do not reprint corresponding images, do not issue it on the main page of websites and the important news section of the news center.

11 February 2007, 23:28:20

Delete the “Joint Statement concerning Sina Blog Deleting Posts” of He Weifang and others

Concerning the “Joint Statement concerning Sina Blog Deleting Posts” of He Weifang and others, this may not be posted in blogs and forums on any website without exception, where it is present, delete it.

12 February 2007, 17:21:10

Notice concerning setting up an advance link for the People’s Bank of China Director Assistant Yi Gang’s conducting an online interview on a steady monetary policy

The China Government Net will, between about 15:00 and 16:30 on 13 February, invite the Director Assistance of the People’s Bank of China, Yi Gang, for an online interview concerning a steady monetary policy, Sina, Sohu, Netease and other main commercial websites are requested to set up an advance notice link (www.gov.cn/zxft/ft3/) at 9:00 on 13 February in the lower part of the important news section of news centers, and timely reprint reports of the interview content.

13 February 2007, 10:13

All websites, concerning reports on the traditional Year of the Pig, it is not permitted to set up special subjects of the type of “Talking Pigs in the Pig Year” without exception, pay attention to letting pictures or images of “Pigs” appear less in reporting, pages with reports involving the “Pig Year” must avoid advertising related to Islam.

13 February 2007, 13:51

All websites: Please uniformly close the text message recommendation window at 14:00 today, only maintain the voting window. Please acknowledge receipt!

14 February 2007, 17:43

All websites: Please do not let He Weifang, Pu Zhiqiang, Xiao Han or Xu Zhiyong open a blog on your websites.

22 February 2007: 23:32:29

Delete the text on 3000 people jointly signing their name to strongly call upon the National People’s Congress to make a decision: correct the privatization of state-owned enterprises, forums, blogs, and other interactive segments are not to discuss this.

17 February 2007, 11:12:29

All websites, please pay attention: Do not reprint negative reports concerning the text message selection event; negative discourse concerning the text message selection event may not be disseminated on forums or blogs; manage trackers for corresponding reports well, do not let negative discourse emerge.

17 February 2007, 10:38:41

Please maintain the special subject of the text message event; put it on the second line of the main page of websites, and the third or fourth line of the important news section; wait for notification on when to remove it.

All websites: Please continue to maintain the special subject on the text message selection event; put it on the second line of the main page of websites daily, and on the third or fourth line of the important news section of the news center; you must absolutely wait for clear notification to remove it.

16 February 2007, 17:31:43

All websites: At present, the State Post Bureau is conducting post reform, and is currently researching new rules for express delivery statistics, all websites are requested to not set up special subjects for these two topics, and not to put corresponding reports in the important news section. Websites who have already set up special subjects are requested to push the special subject to the back stage.

16 February 2007, 08:42:29

We salute an early year to everyone, and wish everyone to have a good year.

(1) The first contact person must ensure that their mobile phone is on 24 hours, all websites’ duty telephones, MSN and RTX must remain online for 24 hours, propaganda management service platforms must ensure someone is on duty.

(2) It is necessary to send many articles building an atmosphere of holiday joy, happiness, and auspiciousness, proposing a civilized, healthy, and upward online mood, which fully reflect the richness and variety of the popular masses’ material and cultural lives and the progress that has been incessantly obtained in building a Socialist spiritual civilization.

(3) It is necessary to earnestly implement the “Internet News Information Service Management Regulations” and strictly standardize news sources, it is prohibited to use articles from small newspapers and periodicals in violation of regulations, and it is strictly prohibited to reprint information from foreign media; prevent playing up of negative news influencing social stability; reports concerning sudden or sensitive incidents must be based on Xinhua or People’s Daily content.

(4) It is necessary to strengthen management over information on forums, trackers, blogs, chat rooms, and text messages; news trackers must be closed on reports concerning sudden or sensitive incidents or mass incidents; forums, trackers, blogs, chat rooms, and other columns that are not managed by anyone must timely cease refreshing.

(5) Do website technology protection well, ensure anti-distortion, anti-attack, anti-suspension, prepare security plans, where problems are discovered, deal with them timely, and resume service speedily.

(6) Concerning major sudden incidents in Beijing, notify our office for agreement before issuance.

(7) During the holiday period, contact us at all times if there is something, we are also online 24 hours.

28 February 2007, 18:19

(1) Concerning the matter of Huarui Company having raised an administrative lawsuit with the National Development and Reform Commission concerning the overall development of hydroelectricity in the middle reaches of the Jinsha River, there are to be no reports without exception, forums, blogs, and other interactive segments may also not discuss this.

(2) Concerning the matter of First Steel Company transferring shares of Peruvian iron mines, there are to be no reports without exception, forums, blogs and other interactive segments may also not discuss this.

28 February 2007, 19:12

All websites: Please clean up negative posts concerning Premier Wen Jiabao’s text talking about the tasks during the primary stage of Socialism and our country’s foreign policy.

2007-02-11 23:27:07



2007-02-11 23:28:20



2007-02-12 17:21:1


中国政府网将于2月13日下午15:00-16:30约请中国人民银行行长助理易纲就稳健的货币政策进行在线访谈,请新浪、搜狐、网易等主要商业网 站在2月13日9:00前在新闻中心要闻区下部做好在线访谈的预告链接(WWW.gov.cn/zxft/ft3/),并及时转载报道访谈内容。







2007-02-22 23:32:29


2007-02-17 11:12:29

各网请注意: 不要转载有关短信评比活动的负面报道; 有关短信评比活动的负面言论不要在论坛\博客中传播; 管理好相关报道的跟帖,不要出现负面言论.

2007-02-17 10:38:41


各网: 请继续保留短信评比活动的专题; 每天挂在网站首页二条位置,挂在新闻中心要闻区三、四条的位置; 一定要等到明确通知后,再撤.

2007-02-16 17:31:43


2007-02-16 08:42:29

给大家拜个早年 祝我们都过个好年

1、第一通知人必须保证手机24小时开机,各网站值班电话、MSN、RTX必须保证24小时在线,宣传管理服务平台必须保证有人值守。 2、要多发营造节日喜庆、欢乐、祥和的气氛的稿子,倡导文明健康向上的网风,充分反映人民群众物质文化生活丰富多彩、社会主义精神文明建设不断取得新的进 展。 3、要认真执行《互联网新闻信息服务管理规定》,严格规范新闻来源,不得违规使用小报小刊的稿件,严禁转载境外媒体消息;制止影响社会稳定的负面新闻炒 作;对突发、敏感事件的报道要以新华社、人民日报稿件为准。 4、要加强对论坛、跟帖、博客、聊天室、手机短信息的管理;突发敏感事件或群体性事件报道要关闭新闻跟帖;没人管的论坛、跟帖、博客、聊天室等栏目要暂时 停止更新。 5、做好网站技术防范,做到防篡改、防攻击、防中断,要准备安全预案,发现问题及时处置,迅速恢复。 6、事关北京的重大突发事件,要报经我办同意再发。 7、节日期间,有事儿随时联系,我们也24小时在线。






These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on China Copyright and Media on December 17, 2012 (here). This post is the 40th in the series.


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