Chongqing Police Pressure Sex Video Whistleblower

The blogger who released a sex video that brought down Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu last year has refused to hand over footage of other officials despite threats of prison time for withholding evidence. Following a late-night visit to his Beijing home by Beijing and Chongqing police on Sunday, Zhu Ruifeng spent seven hours in talks at a police station on Monday, but would not give up the material for fear of incriminating his source. From Chang Meng and Li Xiang at Global Times: “I also turned down their demand for the original version of those already exposed clips, for the safety of the person from Chongqing’s police bureau who fed me the information,” said Zhu, adding that he is not ready to publish the remaining evidence, as time is needed to authenticate them. The negotiations came after Zhu claimed some local officials involved in the scandal haven’t yet been netted and accused local police of a coverup and destroying evidence. […] Si Weijiang, a Shanghai-based lawyer, told the Global Times there is no crime of withholding evidence, and that the process to compel Zhu to be a witness is not clear. The police have no right to forcibly request the evidence, he said. The videos were recorded as part of an extortion racket targeting a number of Chongqing officials, 11 of whom have now been dismissed as a result. Former Chongqing Party chief Bo Xilai and his police chief Wang Lijun reportedly covered up an earlier investigation into the case. While Zhu says that his source is associated with the Chongqing police, the police now claim that he may have obtained the videos from a member of the gang itself. The Washington Post’s Wang Juan highlighted Zhu’s use of social media for protection: Zhu’s lawyer, Li, said he believed the ...
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One Response to Chongqing Police Pressure Sex Video Whistleblower

  1. Will says:

    Smart move by the Beijing blogger Zhu Ruifeng to draw public attention both in China and overseas to the way the Party-state’s police were trying to browbeat him in to disclosing his confidential sources and handing over the videotaped material.