Netizens Gather Further Evidence of PLA Hacking

After China’s Ministry of National Defense denied allegations made by U.S. cyber security company Mandiant that People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398 had been conducting hacking activities against targets within the U.S. and a host of other countries, evidence in support of Mandiant’s claims quickly surfaced in the form of a 2004 PLA recruitment advertisement. Since then, netizens have continued to point out evidence from across the Chinese Internet–including this Xinhua article from August 2008 [zh] that states PLA Unit 61398 specifically installed flooring for use in high-security environments: Everyone knows that Anxin Flooring is a renowned brand in China’s wooden flooring industry. They entered the large-scale realty project business very early on. Plus, at the very beginning, they specialized in working with clients that had very strict standards for their building materials, such as national organs and foreign embassies. The PLA General Political Department building, the General Staff Meteorological Bureau, the General Staff Surveying and Mapping Bureau, the Unit 61587 Commander Building, the General Staff Headquarters Satellite Positioning Center Residential Building, Unit 61398, the State Administration of Taxation, the Beijing Cultural Palace of Nationalities, CNPC Overseas Staff Dormitory, the Bulgarian Embassy office building, and the Wenzhou Municipal Government building were all early buyers of Anxin flooring for major projects.
How does Anxin Flooring relate to PLA-sponsored cyber attacks? One netizen explained the correlation on his Sina blog [zh]: Chinese netizen: Unit 61398 is most likely conducting IT-related work in their office building. There’s still a report up on the web about Anxin Flooring. The report states “army units that require very strict guidelines for their building materials, the General Staff Headquarters Satellite Positioning Center Residential Building, and Unit 61398” all used their flooring. Anxin is an American wholly foreign-owned company, and its leading product–wooden flooring–is known to protect against static ...
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3 Responses to Netizens Gather Further Evidence of PLA Hacking

  1. Will says:

    The PLA cyber-espionage Unit 61398’s hacking tasks are so secret that this military unit has no moniker other than Unit 61398. This almost anonymous-sounding moniker provides the Party-state regime with the sort of deniability and foggery that the Foreign Ministry recently resorted to again in pretending that no cyber-espionage would be practiced by PRC military or other government personnel.

  2. Bo Peep says:

    They’re exposed as a bunch of crooks now.

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