Chongqing Mayor Urges Judges to Study Hollywood

As Chongqing struggles to clean up after its disgraced former Party chief , mayor Huang Qifan has reportedly urged judges to draw inspiration from unorthodox sources. From Ernest Kao at South China Morning Post:

According to news portal Huang yesterday urged judges to watch these types of foreign films as they would improve their ability to make decisions on important legal cases. But, he added, they should leave their viewing until Sundays – their day off.

[…] Watching action-hero films, Huang said, would improve judges’ abilities to balance emotion with rational thinking when making decisions.

Huang also encouraged judges to study Western courtroom dramas, particularly films about American jury trials in which defendants and plaintiffs try to influence the jury’s final decision.

Sadly, Huang did not offer specific recommendations, but the recent unblocking of film site IMDb may assist English-literate judges in their research.

March 12, 2013, 10:59 PM
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