Author: Anne Henochowicz

Anne Henochowicz is a commissioning editor at the China Channel and the former translations editor at China Digital Times. Her work has appeared in ChinaFile, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Foreign Policy. She is an alumna of the Penn Kemble Democracy Forum Fellowship at the National Endowment for Democracy. Anne studied Inner Mongolian folk music at the University of Cambridge and The Ohio State University.
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Drawing the News: Beijing Flood

Political cartoonists have taken on the Beijing flood, posting images on Weibo and blogs that crystallize the major complaints to arise from this natural-and-man-made disaster: Cars stalled by the heavy rain Saturday were ticketed for parking violations. (Dashix) —How come my house flooded, but yours is okay? —Well, maybe you owe money for the sewers… (Pearl Forest)

July 26, 2012

Beijing Flood Stories Cut from Southern Weekend

Eight pages of reporting on the Beijing flood were pulled from today’s edition of Southern Weekend before going to press. Several of the paper’s editors have voiced their anger on Weibo, while some reporters have posted photos of the missing copy, complete with the handwritten remarks of censors. Weibo posts from Southern Weekend staff have been deleted en masse by Sina. CDT

July 26, 2012

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