Jiangshan Mourns Asiana Victims as Lawyers Gather

South China Morning Post’s Daniel Ren reports from a memorial service for three Chinese students killed in last month’s Asiana plane crash, amid questions over compensation and allegedly predatory behavior by U.S....

Korea in Chinese History: Stuck in the Middle

While China’s role in the stand-off on the Korean peninsula is generally viewed in terms of recent Cold War history, Jeremiah Jenne explains at The Economist’s Banyan blog that it also has much older and deeper...

Japan Automakers Plummet, Korean Automakers Thrive

As the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands continues, economic tensions between China and Japan are still under stress. Due to anti-Japanese protests, Japanese automakers have been told to lie low. Amid these warnings, the Financial...

Border Ills Are Cost of Chinese Alliance With North Korea

From Bloomberg: More than 70 million Chinese who live in provinces on the 1,415- kilometer, or 880-mile, border with North Korea are paying a price for their government’s 60-year alliance with the totalitarian regime in...

Asian Leaders Focus on Growth at 3-Nation Summit Meeting

A historic 3-nation summit meeting between China, South Korea, and Japan took place on Saturday. The three representatives discussed topics ranging from North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and the global financial...

Chinese Scholars Snub Western View on Post-Kim N. Korea

From The Korean Times: The view that North Korea is likely to collapse after the all-powerful Kim Jong-il dies is a reflection of wishful thinking by some countries, rather than a reflection of North Korean reality, Chinese...

Editorial: Our Dispute With China Isn’t About Ancient History – Chosunilbo

From The Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition): The Northeast Asian history war is getting serious. A recent case in point is Chinese Netizen’s denunciation of South Korean short-track athletes at the Winter Asian Games in Changchun, China for holding up a banner saying Mt.Baekdu belongs to Korea. As if they didn’t have enough trouble from the […]

In China, it’s not just factories – Seo Ji-eun

From JoongAng Daily: Strolling through downtown Shanghai, a number of brands familiar to Korean visitors stand out. To name just a few, there is Paris Baguette, a bakery chain; Wa Bar, a bar franchise; E-mart, a discount chain; and BBQ, a fried chicken chain. Those Korean retailers, along with many others, are beefing up their […]

China Stirs History Furor – Park Song-wu

From The Korean Times: The following is the first in a series of articles on China’s distortion of Korean history. The first part deals with Kojoson, the first kingdom on the Korean Peninsula, founded in 2333 B.C. _ ED. Koreans proudly say the country has a history of 5,000 years as its first kingdom, Kojoson, […]

HK police tear gas WTO protesters, detain 900

From Reuters, via The Star Online: Hong Kong police fired volleys of tear gas on Saturday to repel hundreds of protesters trying to force their way into a building where world trade ministers were meeting. “The protesters got very close to the building, they were standing just across the street,” a Reuters reporter said. Fifty-four […]

China Continues to Erase Korean History –

From Digital Chosunilbo (Daily News in English About Korea): Ever-vigilant over what it sees as Japan’s distortions of history, China is pushing ahead with some rewriting of its own to suppress mention of a separate Korean identity in its textbooks. The Chinese Foreign Ministry in August last year erased reference to some pre-1948 Korean history […]

Surge in Chinese fakes worries Korean firms

From JoongAng Daily: As more and more Chinese counterfeits of Korean products appear in stores, Korean manufacturers are worrying that the credibility of their brands may be in jeopardy. A report provided to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics last week asserted that two-thirds of electronics shops in four major Chinese cities ‚Äï Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou […]

Chen Yiming: Peninsular Character, Confucian Civilization

From The Southern Weekend (in Chinese), translated by Adrian Lu, via Press Interpreter: Korean people have a hatred in their hearts, a hatred so thick that it can not be dissolved. One of Korea’s new tasks is figuring out how to transform this hatred into optimism and open-mindedness. What are the Korean people’s cultural mentality, […]

Tension in Northeast Asia: A South Korean Perspective

As China rises, shifting the balance of power in the East, tension is escalating among the key players of Northeast Asia. This image appeared in The Korea Times on March 24, 2005. Journalist Kwang Duk Kim illustrates the South Korean perspective on Northeast Asian relations: Original Translated by Patricia Kim To translate the article into […]

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