Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (20)

Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (20)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to , the directives were issued by the Municipal Network Management Office and the management departments and provided to to by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of .

11 June 2006, 15:00, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Concerning the matter of the Beijing Vice-Mayor Liu Zhihua, water it down, only reprint Xinhua copy, do not change titles, do not put it on main pages of websites and the important news sections of websites, do not set up special subject sections, do not make corresponding links, do not set up commentary trackers, it may be put in the lower part of the domestic news section in the news center. Forums, blogs, trackers and other interactive segments are not to post or discuss this, do not send short messages.

12 June 2006, 15:52, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Everyone: For reporting the Shanghai Cooperation Summit, only use Xinhua copy, do not transmit copy from other sources; it is especially not permitted to reprint non-standard source copy that discloses the contradictions and disagreements between the member states; do not say that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an anti-United States organization; forums and blogs also can only use Xinhua copy for posts, and are not permitted to issue copy with other content, where matters are discovered that do not conform to the above requirements, they are to be deleted without exception;

Reports concerning the situation in Thailand must maintain neutrality, and not comment or play up the political situation, it is not permitted to use or post information from foreign media and websites.

12 June 2006, 16:55, Network Management Office, Duty manager

No website may reprint all sorts of “Protect the Diaoyu Islands” or “Occupy the Diaoyu Islands” activities in the near future, forums and blogs may also not post this sort of information.

13 June 2006, 15:38, Chen Hua

Concerning the matter of Liu Zhihua, without exception use Xinhua copy, everyone is requested to investigate their own websites for whether or not articles from the China Industry and Commerce Times are present, if they are, delete them without exception, the finance and economics channel is to be especially notified.

13 June 2006, 9:59, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Everyone, please place the special subject of “running the web in a civilized manner” on the main page of present websites and in the part for running the web in a civilized manner, in the second line of the important news section of the news center, juxtapose it with the science and technology Olympics and the red meetings, the article of Zheng Peimin may be moved to the backstage.

14 June 2006, 11:12, Chen Hua

In the last few days, posts concerning “college entrance exam questions were leaked in a number of districts in Liaoning” appeared forum, news trackers and blogs, creating a harmful social influence. All websites are requested to not print news and comment related to this matter, it is not to be discussed in forums, and existing articles and posts must be deleted.

15 June 2006, 15:26, Network Management Office, Duty manager

“New Countryside Construction Triggers a Wave of Overseas Fact-Finding Trips, 30.000 Chinese Officials Go to Korea for Study,” published by the Caijing Times is false information. All websites are requested to delete this article, where there are relevant posts in forums, these must also be timely deleted.

15 June 2006, 15:37, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Stressed: For reports on the Shanghai Cooperation Summit, only use Xinhua copy, copy from other sources may not be used without exception, it is strictly prohibited to edit or translate foreign media information; close news trackers on information on the Shanghai Cooperation Summit; discussions on forums and blogs concerning the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are limited to posting of official Xinhua copy, do not open trackers; delete posts in forums that attack the Summit, attack the preparation work for the Summit, believe that this Summit is opposition to the United States, as well as debates on Iran, Pakistan and this Summit.

15 June 2006, 22:07, Chen Hua

Concerning information on the accident of a military transport plane, only transmit Xinhua copy, no news trackers may be set up, forums are limited to posting official Xinhua copy, do not discuss.

16 June 2006, 18:33, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Some media reprinted information on “sudden scandal about adding sports points in the Hunan college entrance exam.” In order to guarantee the smooth process of higher education student recruitment work, and safeguard social stability, all websites are no longer to reprint this report, forums and trackers, etc., are also not to discuss this matter.

16 June 2006, 19:33, Fan Tao

All websites are requested to investigate whether or not there are posts in forums and blogs concerning a folk organization in Guilin attacking a Xinjiang pickpocket and criminal (images and text), and speedily delete this post and corresponding posts.

17 June 2006, 14:31, Chen Hua

Everyone, do not set up forums, blogs or trackers on taxis and drivers without exception, do not discuss corresponding topics. All are requested to deal with this.

17 June 2006, 18:35, Chen Hua

Everyone, in recent times, not a few reports and posts have emerged online concerning “death through overwork” of the Shenzhen employee Hu Xinyu, all websites are requested to no longer transmit this sort of articles, existing articles must be completely pushed to the back stage, do not post articles concerning the “death through overwork” of Hu Xinyu in forums and blogs.

19 June 2006, 9:11, Lu Chao

Internal information: there is a rumor that there will be a taxi driver strike on 1 July, please strengthen control over corresponding information, if there is information, timely give it to us, telephone: 85223522.



2006年6月11日15时00分 网管办值班


2006年6月12日15时52分 网管办值班



2006年6月12日16时55分 网管办值班


2006年6月13日15时38分 陈华


2006年6月13日09时59分 网管办值班


2006年6月14日11时12分 陈华


2006年6月15日15时26分 网管办值班

《财经时报》刊发的“新农村建设引发出国考察潮 三万中国官员将赴韩学习”为虚假消息。请各网站删除此稿,论坛中有关帖文也要及时删除。

2006年6月15日15时37分 网管办值班

强调:上合峰会的报道只使用新华社稿件,其他来源稿件一律不得使用,严禁编译境外媒体消息;关闭上合峰会消息的新闻跟帖;论坛、博客中关于上海合作 组织峰会的讨论仅限于贴发新华社正式稿件,不开跟帖;清除论坛中攻击峰会,攻击峰会准备工作,认为这次峰会是与美国的对抗,以及议论伊朗、巴基斯坦参与这 次峰会的帖文。

2006年6月15日22时07分 陈华


2006年6月16日18时33分 网管办值班


2006年6月16日19时33分 范 涛


2006年6月17日14时31分 陈华


2006年6月17日18时35分 陈华


2006年6月19日09时11分 卢超

内部消息:7月1日有出租司机传言罢工 ,请加强相关信息监控,有消息及时报给我,电话:85223522

These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on November 27, 2012 (here).


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