Olympics etiquette

China’s List of Olympic Don’ts

The New York Times published an editorial on the list of dos and don’ts (mostly don’ts) for Olympics visitors: On its Web site last week, the Chinese Olympic organizing committee listed a set of restrictions for the...

Drilling The Ushers – Current.com

In this video clip, Chinese women are in training to become hostesses for the upcoming Beijing Olympic games, by Current.com: – Read related post Lessons in How to Smile for China’s Olympic Hostesses via CDT.

In Beijing, Orwell Goes to the Olympics – Ross Terrill

Author Ross Terrill discusses the government’s efforts to present a happy face (which speaks good English) for the Olympics and argues for depoliticization of the 2008 Games: The penalty for “Chinglish” is usually humiliation, not incarceration. Still, citizens are asked to snitch, Mao-era style, on people who shame China with their shaky English. An outfit […]

Spit’s Out, Polish In – Mei Fong

From Wall Street Journal (photo: a “Don’t Spit” campaign during SARS, via wsj.com): On the streets of the country’s capital, spitting — often complete with loud throat-clearing, gurgling and an arc of phlegm — is a frequent occurrence. The deeply ingrained habit is found among young and old and crosses class lines. Now Chinese officials […]

China’s Spitting Image – Der Spiegel

From Spiegel Online (link): Hosting the Olympics means doing a lot more than building a few stadiums, as Beijing is finding out. On Wednesday the Chinese authorities launched a campaign to clean up the way people in the city behave. One of the biggest challenges is to ban public spitting. In preparation for the 2008 […]

China wants Olympians to see its best behavior – Calum MacLeod

From USATODAY.com: Iconic Olympic venues are sprouting all over the Chinese capital. The national stadium is being woven in concrete and steel to resemble a bird’s nest. The “water cube” swimming center will soon be a giant box of blue bubbles. Communist planners are making China’s dowdy, gray capital beautiful for the 2008 Summer Games. […]

China Changes Coarse – Mark Magnier

From the Los Angeles Times: Even Miss Manners might blanch at the task at hand: charm school for a billion people, a good number of them convinced that life means never having to say you’re sorry, excuse me or thank you. This is no tutorial on fish forks. In advance of the 2008 Olympics, the […]

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