Lure of Chinese Tuition Squeezes Out Asian-American Students

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that admittance of international students, many from China, has been increasing dramatically in recent years at the University of California. Among those in competition with international students...

China: Heavy Schooling Fees and Migrant Workers – Meng Zhang

Global Voices kicked off a discussion on the school fees in China, and many bloggers are concerned on the topic. From Global Voices: “With the stepped-up developing of industrialization and urbanization in China, there’re more and more rural migrant workers in the cities. Consequently, the question that their children accept compulsory education comes out outstandingly. […]

Should Students Decide Whether Their Classmates Are Poor? – Joel Martinsen

From Danwei: Danwei posted a China Youth Daily’s report on “a new process instituted by the Ministry of Education to determine whether college students deserve financial aid.” The report says that the applicant’s classmates would vote on whether or not the applicant got aid: The rationale, as reported by CYD: In the past, investigating the […]

Chinese Colleges Owed Millions of Yuan in Unpaid Loans – Xinhua

From Xinhua: Many Chinese colleges and universities are owed millions of yuan because students are unable to, or choose not to, pay back tuition loans, the Ministry of Education said on Monday. “We have found that many universities and colleges have several million yuan of defaulted tuition fees, some have nearly a billion,” Cui Bangyan, […]

A College Student’s Expenditure Journal

From, translated by CDT: Xie Xiaozhuan, from a farming family in Hunan, graduated from Suzhou University in 2004 and enrolled into a graduate program at People’s University in Beijing. He itemized his expenditure during his four-year college to give people an idea of how much a peasant family pay for a college student. The […]

Free Teacher Education Stirs Hot Discussions – Coldness Kwan

From China Daily: Free teacher education in the six normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education (MOE) from this school year pledged by Premier Wen Jiabao‘s in his government work report at the current National People’s Congress (NPC) session has drawn wide public concern. …Some experts worried that the provincial-level teacher majors may be […]

China’s University Tuition 25 Times Higher Than in 1989 – Xinhua

From Chinaview via Xinhua News Agency: Tuitions to China’s universities, which range from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan (1,200 U.S. dollars) a year, are about 25 times higher than they were in 1989, according to the China Youth and Children Research Center (CYCRC). Annual incomes of urban residents have not nearly kept pace with tuition […]

China to Waive School Fees for 150m Rural Children – Jonathan Watts

From Guardian Unlimited: China will waive tuition fees for 150 million rural children next year in an attempt to close the education gulf that has opened up between rich and poor students since the start of the country’s market reforms. The 15bn yuan (¬£1bn) scheme was hailed by the state media as a major element […]

In China, learning is a rising burden – David Lague

From IHT: “It is natural that not everyone can afford excellent education resources,” a spokesman for the Education Ministry, Wang Xuming, was quoted as saying earlier this year in the official Beijing Review magazine. “A well-off man can go to a brand- name store to buy a 10,000 yuan suit while a poor person can […]

Large amount of illegitimate educational fees found last year – Wang Li

From Xinhua News Agency via (in Chinese), translated by CDT (link): It is learned from a meeting in Guiyang on March 29 that more than 10,000 cases of illegitimate educational fees were found across the country last year, totaling about 2 billion renmimbi, or $250 million.

“Tuition Killings”: the Complete Record – Han Xin

The following was posted on Soho Xiaobao BBS (link) (translation by CDT): This is a collection of twenty independent reports of real cases [of suicide resulting from inability to pay school fees]. Every year, from July to...

High school tuition in a poverty village is 95.5% of income – Tingyue Laoban

The following was posted by Tingyue Laoban 1 (Âê¨ÊúàËÄÅÁè≠1) on a BBS hosted by (translated by CDT). The original, including a scan of the school receipt, is here. High school tuition in a poverty village Qianshan village in Anhui province is one of the 2006 national poverty villages. But the tuition is astonishingly high […]

Going To University In China – ESWN

From The EastSouthWestNorth blog: [translation] According to the China Youth Daily, the Jilin Provincial Government Reseach Center conducted a study of students at a senior secondary school in a rural county. 28.7% of the students said that they were afraid of attending university, because their family cannot afford the university fees. According to the study […]

Zi Feiyu: Are High Priced Elementary Schools Against the Mandatory Education Law?

This article is from the Guangzhou Daily by Zi Feiyu. It has been translated by Joseph McMullin via the Press Interpreter: Since the beginning of May, wave after wave of parents have come to enroll their students in prominent private schools. At the same time, a national debate has been launched since a report in […]

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