Google and China: A Round-Up of News and Opinions

News reports, opinions, blog posts, and tweets on the Google uproar in China are piling in fast and furiously. Here CDT will compile relevant links; this post will be updated throughout the day. See also a round-up from Shanghaiist. The Huffington Post also posted a live blog entry today with regular updates.

News reporting:
- “Baidu Shares Jump As Google Threatens To Leave China” from the Wall Street Journal
- “Google and China go to war” from the Globe and Mail blog.
- “China faces backlash from ‘netizens’ if Google leaves” from the Washington Post
- “Google’s Threat Echoed Everywhere, Except China” from the New York Times
- “Google challenge to China over censorship” from the Guardian
- “What Google might leave on the table in China” from CNet
- All of the Guardian’s extensive coverage of Google in China
- China Daily’s two sentence report
- “Chinese government seeking information on Google intentions” from the official Global Times’ English edition
- “Google Hackers Targeted Source Code of More Than 30 Companies” from Wired

Reactions and Commentary:
- “Google Gets On the Right Side of History” by Rebecca MacKinnon at Wall Street Journal
- “Doubting the sincerity of Google’s threat” from Foreign Policy
- “Say Goodbye to Google China? Chinese Reactions” from chinaSMACK
- “Google Leaving China? Chinese Responses” from ChinaGeeks
- “Google’s challenge to China: the reaction” – Guardian video
- “Gmail security breach, want some proof?” from ChinaHush
- “Voices on Google’s Decision” by WSJ’s China Real Time blog
- Translations of Chinese tweets on Google via CDT
- Evan Osnos of the New Yorker interviews James Mulvnenon, expert on China’s military and computer network attacks.

Photos taken at the Google Beijing headquarters today by photographer René Vandergoten:
IMG_0883 small
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January 13, 2010 12:54 PM
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