“It’s Not Google that’s Withdrawing from China; It’s China that’s Withdrawing from the World” (Updated with Photos)

The twittersphere has exploded with the news of Google’s potential exit from the China market. CDT has translated selected tweets. Read all tweets at #Googlecn

– @qhgy RT @Lyooooo: If Google leaves I won’t use Baidu or let my children or grandchildren use it (If I have them) #GoogleCN
– @clowwindy The wings of some birds are too pretty; to lock them in a cage to enjoy them is evil #GoogleCN
– @miyafan Now begin doing two tasks 1. Quickly use Google to search censored material 2. study how to scale the wall #GoogleCN
– @aiww Long live Fanfou, long live Google #GoogleCN
– @zz4040 Google is a real man #GoogleCN

– @laoxipi Netease translated the Google blog’s statement and it’s already been harmonized #GoogleCN [The Chinese version is available on Netease as of this posting here H/t @davesgonechina.]
– @Fenng Ten years online has turned me from an optimist into a pessimist #GoogleCN
– @xuxiaoxuxiao Respect Google for: 1 Doing what you should, even if it’s not easy 2. Protecting your heart and your clients
– @lysosome On campus discussion forums Google tag has been removed #GoogleCN
– @mranti Withdrawal of Google means: 1 Scaling the wall is now an essential tool 2 Techies, you should immigrate. Really #GoogleCN
– @secretaryzhang Dept of Truth orders that news about Google’s withdrawal must come from Xinhua or People’s Daily; must not be recommended on front page; and comments or interactive sections must be closed

– @fqx Google should publicize the GFW blacklist, or at least leak it to wikileaks.
– @kensenjiha Let me guess the formal name of the GFW: People’s Great Firewall.
– @huyong Yang Huanning, the Deputy Minister of Public Security said: We coordinate two large games, domestic and international, and master two battlefields: online and offline…. Wang Chen, director of State Council Information Office said: China’s Internet is sufficiently open, online speech is very dynamic. / what an open battle field we have!
– @StarKnight: Post-90s generation: Today I scaled the wall, saw an overseas website called Google, but it was just a copy of Baidu. Post-00s: What is scaling the wall? Post-10s: What is a website? Post-20s: What is overseas?
– @ llianyue If in the future #google becomes a sensitive word, then all websites will hit the wall.
– @jason5ng32: The Tsinghua Science Park security declared “illegal flower donation” but searching this phrase on Google or Baidu has no results. China has now created a new term: “illegal flower donation”! To put “illegal” and “flower donation” together in one phrase, we live in an era of truly distorted values.
– @hecaitou: After Google leaves China, the world’s top three websites on Alexa —Google, Facebook and Youtube are all blocked in China. This is not an issue of Google abandoning China, but one of China abandoning the world. #googlecn
– @jason5ng32 #GoogleCN The Gtalk signature of my friend who works at Google China is: fucked
– @hecaitou This is Google! #GoogleInCN
– @codebeta Although I’m not very happy, I have to admit this is indeed a right decision for Google.
– @tomwng The real excellent enterprises all consider advancing human civilization as their own responsibility. For those on the other side, they not only draw the line, but also harshly condemn! Google says no to the Chinese government— this should be written into human history. http://bit.ly/cngoogle #googlecn
– @cxzj If Google chooses to leave with dignity, I’ll understand and support this decision, and see it there outside the Great Firewall. My only expectation is Google can study the technology on how to break through the Great Firewall after it leaves, in order to erase its humiliation of having been emasculated and befouled for so many years in China.
– @hutianyi If Google leaves the Dynasty unwillingly, I’ll follow it forever, even I’ll have to use proxy software all day long, or even pay for VPN. RT @guao: Having found its email system been attacked by Mainland China, Google claimed it will probably leave Mainland China. http://guao.cc/mic

– @cxzj: Is it really time to say goodbye to Google? I suddenly feel very upset in my heart…
– @postdadaist: Legal Evening News just hit the newsstands with a front page story on Google #googlecn
– @cxzj: It’s not Google that’s withdrawing from China, it’s China that’s withdrawing from the world #GoogleCN

Read more translated tweets here.

Chinese netizens laydown flowers in front of the office of Google.cn, from the fulue blog:










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