Boxun statement on Google

Boxun news service has posted a statement “Is Crossing the Line?” on their site. Asking, “The question is, how far can or other companies go in China? ” uses Yahoo as an example to show how international companies who agree to operate by China’s rules easily violate their users’ privacy rights. About , they write: “After started to provide news service, it gives people in China a different version of Chinese news, or censors news. If we require to provide uncensored Chinese news in China, it is too much for . But has done too much in the USA, if you go to ’s Chinese news main page, the contents are censored too! … does select all different Chinese news from VOA, BBC, or Boxun, but users will see only news that accepted by Chinese government on its main page.” The full statement is here in rough English. The Chinese version is clearer and more detailed.

October 13, 2004, 12:38 PM
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