China’s environmental suicide

From Open Democracy:

China‘s deputy environment minister, , explains to Andreas Lorenz the scale and urgency of the ecological crisis engulfing China.

Andreas Lorenz: China is dazzling the world with its booming economy, which grew by 9.5%. Are you pleased with this speed of growth, and what effect is it having on the environment of China?

Pan Yue: Of course I am pleased with the success of China’s economy. But at the same time I am worried. We are using too many raw materials to sustain this growth. To produce goods worth $10,000, for example, we need seven times more resources than Japan, nearly six times more than the United States and, perhaps most embarrassing, nearly three times more than India. Things can’t, nor should they be allowed to, go on like that.

April 6, 2005 3:20 PM
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