Pan Yue

Public Fury as Environment Minister Keeps Job

While China’s new leaders stress their commitment to environmental protection, Zhou Shengxian’s continued position as environment minister has provoked public discontent. Pan Yue, a prominent critic of economic...

Environmental Activists Win Ramon Magsaysay Award

Three Chinese environmental activists have won “the Asia Nobel Prize,” the Ramon Magsaysay award, this year. On Huo Daishan’s work, from BBC News: Huo Daishan, from China’s Henan province, was honoured...

China’s Green Champion Sidelined

The Guardian is reporting that environmental defender Pan Yue, a foe of industrial pollution, has been pushed to the sidelines as the country refocuses on economic stimulation: Environmentalists fear his fall from prominence...

Meet China’s Green Crusader

The International Herald Tribune lauds China’s vice minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Pan Yue, for his courage and insistence on challenging China’s development model and on promoting the...

China Considers Environmental Tax on Polluters – Planet Ark

From Planet Ark: China is considering an environmental tax on polluters to cut emissions, a senior government official said on Monday. “We are actively promoting this idea. But we have to consult with relevant ministries,” Pan Yue, deputy head of the State Environmental Protection Administration , told reporters on the sidelines of the ruling Communist […]

Economic Policies Can Control Polluters РPan Yue (潘岳)

From China Daily: A policy based on economic leverage such as prices, taxes, and insurance is called for in a bid to control the behavior of economic entities to ensure that there is harmony between economic growth and environmental protection. Compared with the traditional regulating mechanism based on government command, a new economics-environmental policy is […]

SEPA Proposes Enviro-economic Policy Road Map – Oriental Morning Post

China’s environmental watchdog is willing to become an underdog in producing real solutions to the snowballing pollution problem in China. Translated from Oriental Morning Post (‰∏úÊñπÊó©Êä•): SEPA, China’s equivalent of US EPA, has four times announced “environmental protection storms” over recent years, but the results are modest, admitted its outspoken deputy chief Pan Yue (ÊΩòÂ≤≥) […]

China Targets 750 Firms in War on Pollution – Reuters

Mr Pan Yue, deputy minister of SEPA who started the Green Storm, now moves his knife to more Chinese firms creating pollution. From Reuters, via The Straits Times: CHINA’S environmental watchdog has shut down or suspended 649 firms and given dozens of others a deadline to clean up their act, state media said amid growing […]

Pan Yue: Water Pollution Approaching Tipping Point

China’s outspoken environmental official is sounding the alarm again, in his article published by Reporters’ Observation magazine. Translated by CDT: Since this summer, a succession of blue algae bloom cases in Lakes Tai (§™Êπñ), Dian (ʪáʱ†) and Chao (Â∑¢Êπñ) signaled a strong message: the traditional development model’s accumulated environmental costs have reached a tipping point. […]

When Shutting Down Polluters Doesn’t Work, China Turns To the Market – Alex Pasternack

From While the notion that environmental protection can be good for business certainly hasn’t gone mainstream in capitalist China, this year the country has made some bold attempts to make pollution bad for business. In lieu of national policies backed up by a strong legal system — or just good ol’ fashioned brute force […]

Taking the Waters – Jamil Anderlini and Mure Dickie

Along the Yangtze River, two reporters of The Financial Times interviewing farmers, officials and factory managers about one of China’s most pressing challenges: water pollution: Zhang Lishan stands on a ridge of dirt tending a small vegetable garden surrounded by pools of stagnant, stinking water. His plot near the banks of the Yangtze River in […]

Green China and Young China (Part Two) – Pan Yue

Chinadialogue carried a two-part report by Pan Yue. In part one, Pan argued that “China’s development has had a tumultuous history. Now is the time for a fair and sustainable model of growth.” In this part, Pan stated that “Environmental protection needs to pay attention to issues of culture and ethics.” Why is environmental protection […]

Green China And Young China РPan Yue (潘岳)

On China Dialogue, Pan Yue writes a two-part essay about the history and future of environmental protection in China, explaining why the current economic development model, environment and society are unsustainable because of choices made in the past. In the second part, he focuses on sustainable development as a cultural issue. From Part 1: Development […]

Hurricane Pan – Jennifer Chou

From The Weekly Standard: Splashed across the cover of the April 6th edition of the Chinese-language weekly Yazhou Zhoukan (published in Hong Kong under the auspices of the Ming Pao Group) is the provocative caption “Another Kind of Color Revolution.” The reference is not to a political movement along the lines of Rose Revolution or […]

Green GDP Mired In Red Tape -Source (Q&A)

A week ago, domestic newspapers broke the news that the National Statistics Bureau is balking on plans to publicize China’s second Green GDP report. This was not altogether shocking, since the country’s first estimates of the costs of environmental degradation, based on 2004 data, only came out in September 2006 – after much delay, cutting, […]

Green GDP shown the red signal – People’s Daily

From People’s Daily: Green GDP accounting – which takes into account the impact of environmental degradation on the economy – has hit a snag, a source with the environmental watchdog said. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has asked the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) not to release the latest results of Green GDP to […]

Taking account of China’s growth – Pan Yue

From The ChinaDialogue: China boasts the fastest growing economy in the world. But how to calculate this development’s impact on natural resources, on public health and the environment? Pan Yue sets out the case for green GDP accounting. Green GDP would mean a great change in our ideas: a completely new way of thinking about […]

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