2005: Challenges & Opportunities – Xiao Qiang

From The San Francisco Examiner:

How can the digital revolution enhance the world’s knowledge of China? It’s so important for China to get it right ” the smooth transformation, the sustainable development, the peaceful emergence to the global community. One important measure for how China can get it right is, can the world get China right? It is such a diverse and immense place, and it has a history of isolation so that the world knows relatively little about the society, the history, the culture.There’s a huge amount of filtering going on about China, both to the world and to ordinary Chinese. The Internet becomes a very significant player to open up that kind of closed circle of information. There are far more points of view and raw data and information that everyone is able to tap into to gain new perspectives and understanding of the issues in China. It’s very important to extending our knowledge of China and Chinese society.

September 3, 2005 8:53 AM
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