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Technology critic (洪波) is arguably the most influential blogger in China’s information technology world. His Playin’ with IT blog is widely popular among Chinese geeks, hackers, IT business people, new media editors and journalists, professors and students. Here is a partial translation of his post today (some links added by CDT):

No one complains about too many gifts. Today I have been bombed by SMS messages, all about greetings. Hah. I do not have the custom to celebrate , however, I am very happy to see people find all kind of reasons to make themselves happy. So, let me just say once here to all people who do celebrate this holiday: Merry .

In the last couple of days, PostShow has started an online poll to nominate the annual Chinese character. Chinese netizens are rather pathetic, when it comes to this online selection activity. Many of them naturally thought of their miserable online experiences caused by the . So many of them selected “(Block)” as the annual character. How sad!

There is an excellent blog hosting service provided by Google: Blogger. But Chinese netizens cannot use it, because it’s hosting server Blogspot has been “walled”. Xiao Lin told me a method (to get around it), which he got from someone else. You can use the FTP publishing function of Blogger, to publish your blog on a third party server……..


I have tested this service for a while and think it is quite good. Here is my testing site’s address. Let me give this to everyone as a Christmas gift. Please note that as with all foreign servers, there is always a possibility of being “walled”.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2005, 8:07 PM
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