New star power for Hong Kong’s democracy struggle – Robert Marquand

From the Christian Science Monitor (link):

Audrey Eu never imagined public life, let alone fame. But she’s become something new in Hong Kong: A politician with star quality.

She’s a lawyer – the former head of the Hong Kong Bar who believes deeply that Hong Kong will not get full democracy unless it fights harder. She’s also got glam: more than six feet tall in a small-body society, charisma, and a top-shelf fashion sense. What’s more, she’s scandal-free in a pork-riddled system, and scores points as a devoted mother and wife.

As a main force and the main face behind the creation of the “Civic Party” this spring, Eu is emerging as a name in Asian politics. She comes out of a grass-roots protest movement that rose in 2003 to demand self-rule and rights. Eu articulated why it made good business sense for Hong Kong to govern itself; indeed, she linked the idea to the survival of Hong Kong’s special identity.

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May 22, 2006, 11:48 PM
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