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One of the best works of 1964 was the paper-cut “Hongjun BridgeÔºàÁ∫¢ÂÜõÊ°•Ôºâ”. The story is set during China’s civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China. The film is famous for its vivid characters. To make things easy for everyone, the Kuomintang soldiers are portrayed as ugly, hunch-backed cowards. In stark comparison, the Communist soldiers are brave and upright, and their loyal followers, the peasants, are strong and tireless.

Since 1976, China’s animation industry has experienced a second golden age, with the Shanghai Animated Film Studios (‰∏äʵ∑ÁæéÊúØÂà∂ÁâáÂéÇ) at its core. Development has been concentrated in three fields: puppetry, paper-cutting and folk-painting.

A landmark was the “AfantiÔºàÈòøÂá°ÊèêԺ┠series of the 1980s, adapted from Xinjiang folk stories. Puppet artist Jin Xi created the clever, brave, and humorous character of “Afanti”. He passed his job on to veteran Qu Jianfang in the mid-80s, and Qu went on to make Afanti a household name. [Full Text]

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