China: Why wait for the media to tell your story when you can blog it yourself? (4/4)- John Kennedy

From Global Voices Online:

It’s something impossible to predict. If this system doesn’t change, if there is no democratization, then it’ll be just like I said when we were commemorating Mr. Hu Yaobang“we were commemorating him, not mythologizing him”it would be impossible for China’s politics to be put straight by just one person. To think so is childish and blind. Similarly, I said that if this system doesn’t change, and change to a democratic system, adopting universal values, our values, remade by our people”I feel many people are not independent, many have no thoughts or ideas of their own, whose values are messed up, who lack a moral bottom line, lack faith and support”if these things don’t change, in addition to a change in the political system, if there isn’t set up a shift towards a democratic and free system, I can only say one thing, that the the recurrence of movements like the Cultural Revolution and the anti-right campaign is then totally possible….

Like last year’s Super Girl, on which many people wrote many things. But I only wrote one piece, and in classical Chinese at that. I said that after 1949 and since the 1950s, the masses have been lacking entertainment, and that Super Girl was like playing a musical instrument beneath a goldthread tree, or finding happiness in trying times, warming one’s self by the mouth of the volcano, making merry amid the sounds of tragedy….[Full Text]

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July 7, 2006 7:44 AM
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