China has too many officials – Zhang Quanjing

 Mediafile 200506 01 F2005060110012300000 Zhang Quanjing, (张全景) is the former head of the organization department of the CPC Central Committee (1994 Р1999). The following quotes are from his interview with the Chinese official publication Oriental Outlook《瞭望东方周刊》. (Translated by CDT):

In my view, one of the major downsides of today’s Chinese political system is “the problem of having too many officials.”

Every province has 40-50 officials at the provincial level, and several hundred or even more than one thousand prefecture level officials; every county has several dozen county level officials. I can say this situation is unprecedented, whether in Chinese history or in the world. This has not counted the fact that every province, every city has not only a governor and mayor, but also 8-9 deputies for the same position. Each one has several secretaries, some secretaries also have assistants…… So many officials add on a lot of expense and build up bureaucracies. [Full Text in Chinese]

August 23, 2006 8:29 PM
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