Music Series: Zhang Liangying, Singing With Soul!

Zhang Liangying (º†ÈùìÈ¢ñ) won the third place of 2005 ‘Super Girl‘ TV contest. She is good at singing English songs. Huayi Brothers has signed her up and released her new album recently, titled “The One”.

Click to listen to the two songs. The first song is a MTV of “Loving you.” The second is “Girl of your dreams,” which is one of the three new English songs made in Broadway in July of this year, sung in Poly TheaterÔºà‰øùÂà©ÂâßÈô¢Ôºâ in Beijing.

[Click to listen or download more her songs of the album (Chinese) ]

October 30, 2006 9:11 PM
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